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Dear Catholic Church: You’re Basically A Gay Social Group, Why Not Come Out?

The reason the Catholic Church is a hot bed of homophobia is because it’s stuffed with so many homosexuals forced to stay in the closet, posits David Berger, a former Vatican teacher who came out in April after Franz-Josef Overbeck, the Bishop of Essen, described being gay as a sin. But how far up does this conspiracy theory go?!

David Berger, an expert on St Thomas Aquinas and former publisher of a Catholic magazine, has called for Rome to own up to the gay priests in its midst and alter its attitudes and teaching on homosexuality. “It must be acknowledged that a large number of Catholic clerics and trainee priests in Europe and the United States are homosexually-inclined,” Mr Berger told Der Spiegel magazine.

“The worst homophobia in the Catholic Church comes from homophile priests, who are desperately fighting their own sexuality,” he said. “Obviously, those who follow their urges are repudiated more fiercely when one is so painfully repressing that disposition oneself.”

He said he spent his life trying to reconcile his homosexuality with his beliefs. As a teenager, he found himself drawn into conservative Catholic circle that included German aristocrats and industrialists. “I had to listen to despicable remarks, praising Hitler for having homosexuals imprisoned and murdered in concentration camps,” he said.

Well, so says a guy — ousted from the Church for having too many gay Facebook friends — and who wants nothing more than to push sales of his book The Holy Illusion: A Gay Theologian in the Catholic Church.

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