Dear University Of The Cumberlands: Meet Your Most Illustrious Alumni

Dear University Of The Cumberlands,

We were so disappointed to learn you had expelled student (and resident cutie) Jason Johnson, for claiming on his MySpace account that he is gay. Tsk, tsk, such tempermental ways really aren’t becoming of a true Southerner, are they?

In the hopes you’ll learn more graciious ways, we’d like to re-introduce you to some of your more, shall we say, “colorful” graduates from recent years. We’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t try to revoke their degrees. Not that you’ll be able to recognize them. And please do click on the links to their web pages, we’re sure you’ll enjoy.



(Click “more” to see the pics.)

Miss Belle Aire, graduate of University of the Cumberlands and star of West Hollywood’s Legendary Bingo:


Miss Natalie Gaye, graduate of University of the Cumberlands and Angel Empress in the Imperial Court of Kentucky College of Monarchs


Miss Paddi LaBelle Pepper
, graduate of University of the Cumberlands and contestant in the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant