Defamation Trial Begins For Fired Ass’t Attorney General Andrew Shirvell

Refusing to apologize for stalking and harassing an openly gay college student, former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell is now battling a lawsuit claiming defamation and invasion of privacy.

Chris Armstrong, the object of Shirvell’s obsession, stated he would drop the case if Shirvell said he was sorry, but so far the disgraced AG has stood fast and jury selection is currently underway.

Armstrong’s complaint alleges that in 2010 Shirvell stalked the then-student-body president, both on campus and at his home (once at 1:30am), and wrote blog and Facebook posts that blasted Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda.”

So far Shrivell hasn’t has the best luck with the judicial system: In November, he unsuccessfully tried to sue Armstrong’s lawyer for defamation and for providing information to the Attorney General’s office that lead to his dismissal. And at a hearing earlier this year, Shirvell’s claim he was fired for expressing his First Amendment rights was denied.

Attorney General Mike Cox insisted he axed the loose cannon for “conduct unbecoming a state employee, especially that of an assistant attorney general” including stalking and misusing state resources and email.