Defamation Trial Begins For Fired Ass’t Attorney General Andrew Shirvell

Refusing to apologize for stalking and harassing an openly gay college student, former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell is now battling a lawsuit claiming defamation and invasion of privacy.

Chris Armstrong, the object of Shirvell’s obsession, stated he would drop the case if Shirvell said he was sorry, but so far the disgraced AG has stood fast and jury selection is currently underway.

Armstrong’s complaint alleges that in 2010 Shirvell stalked the then-student-body president, both on campus and at his home (once at 1:30am), and wrote blog and Facebook posts that blasted Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda.”

So far Shrivell hasn’t has the best luck with the judicial system: In November, he unsuccessfully tried to sue Armstrong’s lawyer for defamation and for providing information to the Attorney General’s office that lead to his dismissal. And at a hearing earlier this year, Shirvell’s claim he was fired for expressing his First Amendment rights was denied.

Attorney General Mike Cox insisted he axed the loose cannon for “conduct unbecoming a state employee, especially that of an assistant attorney general” including stalking and misusing state resources and email.

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  • Lucy

    I saw an interview with this guy when he was still employed and it was, to say the very least, disturbing! He is completely OBSESSED with Chris Armstrong and sees nothing wrong with his actions. He also thinks it is within his “rights” to stalk and harass Armstrong. The man obviously has some mental issues and, in my opinion, some issues with his OWN sexuality!

  • Atlas

    He legitimately has mental issues.

  • Abe;

    Poor sad man, a danger to himself and others. An intense investigation should be made of him. I wonder how heavily armed he is. He sounds like the sort who could snap and go on a killing rampage.

  • Chicago Guy

    I love reading about Attorney General Mike Cox. 1st, Shirvell was one of Cox’s campaign managers. That didn’t seem to bother Cox. 2nd, Cox was one of the architects of Michigan’s 2004 anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment. He said it was a moral requirement. Cox was responsible for stripping government employees of their same sex domestic partner benefits. All of this happened before Mr. Righteous & Moral Cox got caught having an affair with one of his staffers. Cox should be on trial, too.

  • Lifer

    Agreed, dude is the coverboy for the latest issue of Mental Sexuality.

  • hf2hvit


    The closet will suffocate you.

  • n900mixalot

    He is cute though. Crazy, but cute.

    I can’t help but think he is in love with the kid … hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Something about this situation seems dangerous.

  • Kris

    Biggest. Closet. Case. Ever.

  • Vic

    Andrew Shirvell and Larry Craig should go away together.

  • Truth Wins

    @n900mixalot: Ew.

  • Patsy Stoned

    What a complete and utter lunatic this guy is. He really should just be put away in a padded cell, for his own good and the good of others.

    And if not, I hope Chris Armstrong doesn’t have a pet bunny.

  • B

    I’ve really got to wonder about an adult who would go after a college student like this guy allegedly has.

  • Andrew

    I’m looking forward to finding out how this ends and I hope they don’t throw the book at him but the whole library!

    What kind of adult harasses the Student Body President of their old Uni?

  • Cam

    This situation was going to end badly if Armstrong hadn’t gotten some publicity. This guy was going to get more and more crazy.

    I worry for the next person this nut-job focuses on.

  • David Ehrenstein

    This trial is going to be SO entertaining!

  • drockboston

    While I don’t doubt that many anti-gay folks (ie, Republicans) are closeted and deal with their sexuality by attacking the very thing they are, I kinda take offense that everyone who hates gays must be closeted. It’s like saying “he’s crazy so he must be gay.” Larry Craig, Mark Foley and a host of others, yes, but I think in this case, Shirvell is just crazy.

  • FunMe

    Has anyone conducted a medical and psychological evaluation of this crazy dude? Seriously, the guy is off his rockers and very unhinged. He’s a lawyer that destroyed his own career simply for having a crush on a guy and not being able to act on it. Now he is continuing forward with a court case and digging himself a deeper hole.

    That crazy guy belongs in a mental institution!

  • Cam

    @drockboston: said…

    “While I don’t doubt that many anti-gay folks (ie, Republicans) are closeted and deal with their sexuality by attacking the very thing they are, I kinda take offense that everyone who hates gays must be closeted.”

    Your taking offence doesn’t really matter. The fact is that not only do multiple studies show that the more homophobic somebody is, the more likely it is that they themselves are self hating closet cases, but also, this guy’s behavior was an obsessive fascination, including stalking, and creating a blog focusing on a young nice looking man. Sorry, but put both things together and it screams closet case.

  • Cam


    LOL! Conversation was just as funny the second time reading it.

  • MJ (different from the other one)

    hopefully, this is open/shut case. the guy’s fucking insane!!!

  • B

    No. 14 · Cam wrote, “I worry for the next person this nut-job focuses on.” … hopefully it will be the guy in the adjacent padded cell.

    Wisecracks aside, there is something really off when some random adult is obsessed with the on-campus activities of a college student.

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