Dem Convention’s Gay Blog Selection Raises Eyebrows

They may not know who will be their nominee, but the Democratic National Committee has already started compiling their press for this summer’s convention.

As part of their effort to include homo-journos, the DNC accredited two explicitly gay blogs: Pam’s House Blend, which is penned by a black lesbian from North Carolina, and a New York-based blog: Towleroad, which is run by a white man.

And the latter has Bil Browning over at fellow applicant Bilerico not only a bit bitter, but downright confused:

Towleroad is not known for racial diversity, trans inclusion, or its lesbian audience. It is a site for wealthy gay white men – the HRC demographic.

When was the last time you saw serious in-depth political coverage on Towleroad or committed coverage of an issue from multiple angles or guest posts from members of Congress and Presidential candidates?

Towleroad has a niche – upperclass white gay men; it’s not that diverse. Maybe there are too many letters for the DNC to spell LGBT. When we first launched, Alex would often use the line, “Not everything queer is marriage, martinis and Madonna.” Maybe we should have stuck with the big 3 Ms after all.