Is Dennis Rodman's North Korean Foreign Policy Adviser a Miami Drag Queen?

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Dennis Rodman’s foreign policy adviser might be Miami-based drag queen Elaine Lancaster.

According to Page Six, before Rodman went to North Korea for his second trip, he met with Lancaster to talk over lunch. As a result of this second trip, Rodman was able to help get Korean-American Evangelical Christian Missionary Kenneth Bae released from imprisonment.

“I told Dennis, ‘Don’t let these trips be in vain,’ and asked him if he knew about the gulags and the detention camps. He said no, so I explained it to him,” Lancaster posted on Facebook. “I said, ‘try to do what you can, but don’t get yourself killed.’ It looks as if it may have paid off for a few imprisoned Americans.”

We’ve reached out to Elaine for confirmation of her statement and will update this article with any new information we receive.

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