Must Find New Way To Fill Back Page

Details Less Gay, But Still Pretty Gay

It’s a sad, sad day in the media world.

Details magazine announced that it will no longer include the “Gay Or…” back page. The four-year old feature caused many a controversy, perhaps none as memorable as their Gay or Asian piece which, as Ad Age‘s Nat Ives points out, hinged on a plethora of stereotypes:

“White T-shirt: V-neck nicely showcases sashimi-smooth chest,” one entry on the page said. “What other men visit salons to get, the Asian gene pool provides for free.” In another spot: “One orders take-out sushi, the other delivers it.”

That is just vile – forgetting Mexicans like that!

Details EIC Daniel Peres promises the mini-scandals had nothing to do with the feature’s demise. It seems his team simply lacks the imagination to come up with more head scratchers: “Pissing people off is never really a problem for me. It had simply run its course. It was getting difficult coming up with good ideas.” Last month’s Gay or Straight sealed the deal.