Diamond Rings Is The Coolest Gay One-Man Rock Band Ever, Except For One Thing

Everyone has been raving about Canadian rocker Diamond Rings’ debut album Special Affections. And while everyone likes his deep synths, drum machines, and sincere lyrics now, we totally talked to him at last year’s Gay Bi Gay Gay, back before he became all popular. So while you may already love Diamond Rings (real name: John O’Regan) for his glamorous locker room fantasy or the video of him tromping around his neighborhood in eye-makeup, zebra print leotards, and purple hightops, don’t let his glittery appearance fool you. According to multiple sources he is not gay, just incredibly laid back, open-minded, and friendly—making the fabulous one-man rocker almost everything a queer music fan could wish for. Here Queerty‘s Daniel Villarreal interviews Diamond Rings about his great makeup, his gay fanbase, and writing love songs for everyone.