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Did Britain’s Murdering Bouncer Enjoy A Gay Affair Before Killing His Ex-Girlfriend?

What is it with Britain’s killer types and secret gay lives? There’s Nicholas Fabian, the man convicted of trying to kill his pregnant wife, who supposedly worked as a gay-for-pay prostitute and starred in gay porn flicks. And now there’s Raoul Moat (pictured), the bouncer who killed his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and then finally himself during a police stand-off. Now a fella has come forward to claim Moat was bisexual, and the pair had a gay affair.

Crazed gunman Raoul Moat was bisexual and had a long term affair with a secret boyfriend, it was claimed today. Carl Redford says he had a four-year affair with the ‘butch’ bouncer, who kept their liaisons quiet because he wanted to maintain his reputation as a ‘hardman’. Mr Redford claims the pair first got together in 2002.

The 34-year-old told The Sun: ‘He found me attractive and I was flattered. We satisfied each other.’ He claims a relative was a neighbour of Moat and his then-girlfriend Marissa Reid, the mother of his two children. When he visited his cousin’s house, he would also go to Moat’s home before Moat eventually began visiting his Newcastle flat. After a visit when Moat caught him in the bath, he told the paper ‘one thing led to another’. However, he says he began to distance himself from Moat after the bouncer’s abuse of steroid ‘warped’ him, and eventually an enraged Moat tried to find him at a friend’s house, threatening him with a machete. Of the bouncer’s death, Mr Redford told the paper: ‘I felt sad at first – then I thought “good riddance”.’

So this much we know in life is true: Assassins have three names, and male Brits with murder on the mind have some gay sex first.