Did New York Knick Eddy Curry Solicit His Male Driver for Sex?

Eddy Curry (pictured, right) was born in Illinois. He’s married. Has kids. He’s 6-foot-11. He plays professional basketball for the New York Knicks. And as of this week, he stands accused of soliciting gay sex from him limo driver.

The chauffeur, David Kuchinsky, who worked for Curry from October 2005 thru October 2008, claims in a harassment lawsuit the pro baller repeatedly approached him naked and asked him to touch him. Then there are the alleged job functions not typical of a chauffeur, like cleaning up “used” towels (yes, those kind of used towels), and claims that Curry pointed a loaded gun at him at least twice.

And then there are the racism allegations. Kuchinsky, who is straight and Jewish, says Curry called him a “fucking Jew, “cracker,” “white slave,” “white devil” and “grandmaster of the KKK.”

So what is Kuchinsky after? Reports the Post:

He wants $98,000 plus compensatory damages from the Knick, whose contract pays him $9.4 million this year. Damage claims typically can go up to $5 million in state court, Kuchinsky’s lawyer said.

Kuchinsky says he is owed $68,000 in unpaid wages, as well as $25,000 in expenses for which Curry never repaid him. Those expenses, he said, included cellphones that Curry had him buy as gifts and hotel and club bills. “Instead of paying him, they discriminated against him,” said Kuchinsky’s lawyer, Matthew Blit. “Imagine going into your boss’ office . . . and he stands up and drops his pants and he asks you [to] take care of him.”

As you’d expect, Curry denies the allegations: “”It’s false, and everyone who knows me knows I’m not a racist. I’ve never made a comment like that, playing, or nothing. . . . That’s incredible, man.”

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  • joe b

    That’s NOT Eddy Curry in the picture!!!! It’s Malik Rose! Get the picture down before you get sued by Malik for defamation!!!!! If you are running a story about a celeb who is accused of a Gay Sex incident, PICTURE THE RIGHT PERSON!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    That’s not Curry in the photo….

  • Darth Paul

    Is this Golan Cipel part II?

  • blake


    You forgot the part about Kuchinsky being a convicted felon.

    This is a case for the jury to decide.

  • Mike

    This is a huge farce. Total extortion.

  • Stephon Marbury

    “Eddy Curry (pictured, right)”

    why has the pic _still_ not been fixed as of 4:15 pm Tuesday


  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @Stephon Marbury:
    Yeah I agree but they aren’t changing it…

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    New York badly needs a Red Light District! I get more cruised by straight-identified men than fabulously OUT Gay men! No wonder HX is crammed with Hustler ads (Sorry, Massage!)

  • Jaroslaw

    Well, of course, only they know what happened and I suspect it is extortion too. But let’s not be so quick to be sure that is what it is. It’s not like the more wealthy & powerful have never tried to take advantage of subordinates before….

    Let’s have a photo of this Kuchinsky guy and see if that sheds more light on the subject.

    And how about some details like how long Kuchinsky worked for him etc. If he worked a really long time, why didn’t he snap a photo or get a tape recording. They do make small cameras and small recorders and have for quite some time…..

  • Jaroslaw

    sorry, I see he worked for him for three years…on the other hand being a convicted felon (depending on what it was for) might support the allegations. “no one will believe you anyway Mike….”

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