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Did Oklahoma GLBT Center Chief Nathan Bowen Molest A 15-Year-Old?

Nathan Bowen, the 32-year-old head of the Enid GLBT Community Center in Oklahoma, is behind bars this week after being accused of sexually molesting a 15-year-old. Uh oh.

And who’s representing Bowen? Oh just Brittany Novotny, the “confused it” trans attorney who challenged Sally Kern for her state legislator seat. Novotny insists her client is innocent.

Police received a complaint Monday that a child had been molested at the center Sunday, John said. Police served a search warrant and questioned Bowen before making the arrest. John said the incident is still being investigated but released no other details.

Bowen’s attorney, Brittany Novotny, released a statement on his behalf Tuesday night declaring his innocence. Novotny said the accuser is a 15-year-old who met Bowen on Saturday and then volunteered to do chores at the center Sunday. “While they worked on chores, the teenaged accuser, who is physically larger than Mr. Bowen, began kissing Mr. Bowen and requesting that he have sex with him,” Novotny said. “When Mr. Bowen refused to have sex with the teenaged accuser, the teen became visibly angry and said, ‘I always get what I want.’ Mr. Bowen believes forensic examination of all the evidence will confirm that Mr. Bowen did not have sex with the teenaged accuser.”

Except that’s not the innocent picture the police report has:

According to the police report, Bowen and the victim began texting each other sexual messages after the victim met Bowen on Friday. The molestation incident happened on Sunday after Bowen allegedly picked up the minor at a park and took him to a home in the area. The report said Bowen told the victim to take off his clothing, which the victim complied except for his underwear, and Bowen took his clothing off. The victim said Bowen gave him oral sex then asked the victim to give him oral sex and also asked the victim to come home with him so they could have sex, but the victim said he didn’t want to.

The report goes on to say the victim told Bowen he needed to go home and on the way home, the victim exited Bowen’s car and returned to the park where he was picked up by his mother. The victim’s mother called police after she checked her son’s phone and found sexually graphic text messages.

For now, don’t bother visiting the Enid GLBT Center. It’s closed until further notice.