Million Dollar Babies

Did Playgirl “Offer” Disgraced Politician Anthony Weiner $1 Million?

Not yet – or, not that we know of yet.

But don’t be surprised if you read a “VP of Marketing” (for Playgirl) Daniel Nardicio press release this week offering Weiner a cool mil to show his peen in the softly lit Rayburn Building stand-in.

Nardicio, a sometimes stunt cock performer (of the award winning and New Yawk club promotor promoter of really classy nights (Sleaze, Crisis), reports this “news” with the frequency of Ed McMahon turning up on people’s doorsteps with giant, rubber Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes checks.

In fact, Nardicio, a social media promoting multi-hypenate, has made a virtual sideline career out of making these $1 million (and under) “offers.”

Sometime in 2009, Playgirl became the last stop for t’backy chewin’ sons ‘o political pieces (Levi Johnson, Lucas Bachmann, son of Michele, the crazy- eyed GOP candidate who believes The Lion King is gay propaganda (it was!), D-List TV celebs (male domestic violence survivor, Jon Gosselin, Robert Kardashian, Dancing with the Stars’ Maksim Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy, The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka, former A-List Male Supermodels (Tim Boyce) and Athletes (Tiger Woods), Reality TV pieces (Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino, & Snooki’s piece, Jeff Miranda) and Sandra Bullock’s motorcycle daddy ex & serial cheater, Jesse James.

Nardicio’s chronic offering of “a million dollars!” to candidates who are 99.99% unlikely to pose hasn’t stopped the NYC club promoter from peddling “news” of his offers like Carny on HBO’s Boardwalk. Really, if you’re even a little bit famous (or, a lot), are buff, have a fake tan, and male, don’t be surprised if the party king turns up on your doorstep / email in box with A ONE MILLION DOLLAR  OFFER TO POSE NUDE.

Yes, Queerty readers, we’re being putting “offer” in quotes because, other than the bi-monthly frequent press releases “announcing” his “offer,” we’ve found little evidence that Nardicio has rarely made anything more than offers.

So far as we can see, the only financial upside for all these multiple “offers” is the bump they give Nardicio’s Google search results. But, hey, whose counting? Right, Dan?

Tomas Mournian is the author of the novel, Hidden, available at and great online bookstores everywhere.

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  • TMikel

    Why pay Weiner to show his weiner when he has already done so for free?

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    I’d only look at such pictures if I’d just eaten too big a meal and felt the need to purge.

  • dvlaries

    Okay if he shows the rosebud too. We’ve already seen the stick.

  • Jeff R

    Great article! JeffR

  • daniel

    Tomas- first off all, your entire article is full of shit. I rarely, if ever, respond to lowbrow boring “blog” posts, but this is so full of inaccuracies foisted off as fact i had to say something.
    When have i ever sent a press release out offering a Million Dollars to anyone? Since you seem to be getting them twice a month, could you produce one? I doubt it. Because it never happened.
    Also, i was asked by CNN if we’d offer Weiner anything and i said no, too obvious, just like i did charlie sheen and the like.
    I’ve never offered anyone a Million Dollar to pose and i wont. So that’s a flat out lie.
    By the way, my title IS VP of Marketing- so you neednt be a douche and put it in quotes to try and insult me and the work that i’ve done.
    I really had hoped that Queerty had learned their lesson when they BOMBED before and decided to hire better writers and not just sad crap blog writers. I guess not.
    Oh and Tomas- thanks for trying to be all cunty and put down the events i throw as “classy”- at least i make a great living from what i do instead of writing crap novels NO ONE is going to read because i’m a bitter cunt.

  • Tomas Mournian

    @daniel: Daniel, Thank you for taking the time to put forth your thoughtful, well phrased comments, and generous advice.

    Anything I – or “i” as you write – wrote about you was drawn from public record. The deals you’ve offered to public figures came from a google search (daniel nardicio, playgirl). The search results return pages of these offers, an aggregate that arguably lead me to believe … you do this a lot! And you are frequently quoted in almost all of the presses releases and news squibs (unless that’s a “cunty” impersonator? Maybe, Daniel, you’re a victim of identity theft?)

    I swear, Daniel, there was no “foisting” involved in the writing of this piece. (Queerty, in fact, observes a very strict Anti-Foisting policy, punishment including caning & washing our mouths out with soap.)

    Lastly, I’m glad to see club promotor, Daniel Nardicio’s eagerness to weigh in on my “crap” novel, “hidden,” about queer youth who escape from gay-to-straight facilities into an underground network of safehouses. Likewise, it’s great to see Daniel Nardicio go on record and let people know he’s publically opposed to supporting queer and homeless youth. That sounds like a “totally” winning PR strategy, Daniel.

  • daniel

    The point is you LIED when you wrote about me sending out press releases bi-monthly, did you not? And a Million Dollars? Another lie. And please, if you’re going to pick apart my caplitalization errors, perhaps you should learn to spell “promoter” and “press releases”.
    Really dude, get a real job, cause you SUCK at this one.
    At least i made Playgirl profitable- you’re just dragging this arguably dead end blog down even further.
    Enjoy your book royal…oh sorry.

  • Tomas Mournian

    @daniel: Thank you, Daniel, for your eagle eyed copy editing skills: promotor has been corrected! As has “bi-monthly” (it’s now “frequently.”) As for the description “Million Dollars,” is a “figure of speech” and was qualified as “Millions dollars and under.” Maybe you missed that part of the sentence?

  • IdeatoEmpire

    Why would they? Everyone who cares has already seen it.

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