Did Some of New Jersey’s Supreme Court Justices Refuse Gay Marriage Case Because They Fear Losing Their Jobs?

It’s sort of interesting that the New Jersey Supreme Court, whose justices don’t grant interviews, even has a spokeswoman, but she’s not commenting on why the Court declined to hear again Lewis vs. Harris, the 2006 same-sex marriage case where the justices mandated lawmakers to create equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians but didn’t require them to use specific language, leaving Jersey with civil unions but no M-word. The theory for avoiding the issue that’s being floated by Democratic State Sen. Raymond Lesniak and Assemblyman John D. McKeon? The three non-permanent justices — Chief Justice Stuart Rabner and Justices Roberto Rivera-Soto and Helen Hoens — are afraid of crossing Gov. Chris Christie (pictured), who can replace them. Justices Virginia Long, Jaynee LaVecchia, and Barry Albin, who are not facing re-appointment from the governor, all agreed to re-hear the case. Huh! Is this worse than lawmakers who refuse to move on LGBT rights because they fear it’ll end their careers? Kind of! Gov. Christie, who does grant interviews, is not commenting.

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  • tavdy79

    If the governor of a state can replace the justices on that state’s supreme court, doesn’t that breach the principle of separation of powers? After all, it’s a fairly obvious and significant conflict of interest given the possibility that the governor’s administration will be tried in that court.

  • Baxter

    It sucks if this is true, but Christie is still the best thing to happen to New Jersey in forever.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    please Baxter…do u follow NJ politics? I live in S.NJ- and Vhristie is a lousey Fat Fuck and anti-gay

  • tjr101

    @Baxter: He’s the best thing to happen in CONServative La La land!

  • ewe

    Christie is a known homophobe well before he was elected governor. We must continue to throw everything into the courts so that the public can see him spend their money on his morality.

  • ewe

    Isn’t he the perfect candidate to drop dead from a massive coronary in his driveway? What’s taking so long? I think his public image should be splattered on billboards by health agencies and Blue Cross Blue Shield promoting what obesity looks like. If he ever took that suit tent off for all to see his unhealthy attitude toward himself, people may think twice about having him represent the state of NJ.


    Even worse, The Judges also recieved word that Christie threated to eat them if they took up the case……………. :p


    PS: So said the man with the hot pink tie……….

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