Did The London Olympics Really Break Grindr?

Breathe easy, Britons: the realm has been saved. Grindr is once again functional in London, following a massive outage that had been blamed on an influx of horny athletes.

It’s unclear what actually caused the outage, but over the last few days, Grindr ground to a halt in England.

Tabloids leapt on the correlation: a gay hookup app failed as competitors were arriving. It must be the Olympics’ fault! Even though there are only 18 openly gay Olympic and Paralympic athletes out of 12,602.

Isn’t it maybe a tad more likely that it’s arriving tourists, and not  athletes, who are to blame? Or that it was just a glitch in a server somewhere that had nothing to do with the Olympics at all?

Whatever the cause, Grindr CEO Joel Simkhai gave the service a little kick in the pants and it’s back up and running. The company has also offered a free week of service to their paid members, so enjoy.

British readers, have you been experiencing outages? More importantly, have you hooked up with any sexy sports stars? Pics or it didn’t happen.

Photos: Bryan Allison