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Did They Rob Their 3-Way Lover For Drugs And End Up Burying Him in the Basement?

When police arrested Jeffrey Mundt and Joseph Banis in Chicago for tipping a hotel doorman with a counterfeit $100, they likely didn’t expect it would lead to the confiscation of $50,000 in fake currency, guns, knives, bottles of GHB, and the recovery of their ex-lover’s mutilated body.

The 38-year-olds were involved in a sexual relationship with an unidentified third man, police claim, who they decided to rob for drugs, but “wound up” killing. Without a missing person report filed, authorities didn’t notice his absence. But there his sat, in a plastic tub, buried beneath the basement in Mundt’s home — and cops only found the body after Banis ratted out his lover.

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  • M

    Who is writing these crappy, morbid posts? I don’t want to read about cannibalism and murder, I want to read about what Gaga is wearing.

  • Mike L.

    OMG and I just recently watched Rock’n’rolla lol, just reminded me of Handsome Bob from the bunch much cuter though as a fictionaly criminal.


    Well I guess we are part of all aspects of life, even this.



  • adman

    Is that a tattoo on that guys chin? Fricken creepy, I hate when these druggie guys start twitching around the leather bar…it really makes me wish I could stand drag shows for more than five minutes.

  • richardporter

    Geeez, you bury one body in the basement and suddenly you’re a bad person. What about all the bodies that weren’t buried in the basement. No one gives them credit for that.

  • Cam

    Sheesh, thes Mormon Missionaires really get pissed when somebody won’t give them drug money.

  • Hisboyfriendshot

    I was totally with M on the stories being morbid until he mentioned what the f*ck – knock off Madonna is wearing as a replacement story. Please continue the morbidity.

  • eve x

    I hope these two rot in hell for what they did. The one who was murdered was James Carroll. I knew James for about 10 years. He was a great person and will be missed by many. Such a horrible way to die.

  • Louisville Native

    Yeah, right. You’re not the only one who knew James Carroll. If angels deliver meth to your door, then he was an angel.

  • Tallskin

    God they are DUMB criminals- “They got a room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, where shortly after their arrival, Mundt handed a doorman a wet $100 bill. Skeptical, the doorman notified his bosses, the police were called, and the couple were taken into custody in the hotel lobby.”

    A WET $100 bill.


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