Did This Man Kill Andrew Anthos?

Police have released this sketch of the late Andrew Anthos’ alleged attacker. You may recall the veteran-rights activist died a few days after being assaulted with a metal pipe. Though there’s no name to attach to the face, police are hoping people just like you can help them make an arrest. If you kids know this shady looking face, give them a ringer at (313) 596-2260. Just think – you could be a hero.

Speaking of heroes, Anthos’ niece Athena Fedenis has pledged to finish what Anthos started and then some:

I promised two things, that I would get the dome lit and (pass) hate crimes (legislation). I don’t think I’ll be getting enough rest till this is all done.

Anthos fought passionately to have the Michigan state dome lit red, white and blue for fallen soldiers.

Though certainly a sad story, there’s a silver lining: Anthos’ death has helped bring previously unacquainted member of his family together. We’re sure Anthos would be pleased…