Did Too Many Pucks To The Head Make Hockey Player Cam Janssen A Homophobe?

During a recent appearance on an Internet-radio show, New Jersey Devils winger Cam Janssen made his mama proud by insulting another team with sexist remarks and joking how he’d beat up a gay hockey player.

It seems like the host of the St. Louis-based Thom & Jeff Show is goading Janssen into making some pretty inflammatory statements, but we don’t hear the 28-year-old trying to stop him.  (Listen to full interview here.)

On the Devils losing the Stanley Cup to the L.A. Kings:

Host: “The first time I did a fat chick, a buddy picked me up from a party and I was hung over and he goes, ‘Do you realize what you just did?’ … I would imagine it’s something like that. It’s like you had a chance, and then it’s like …”

Janssen: “Damn fat broads, man.”

Host: “So the L.A. Kings are the fat broads?”

Janssen: “They are. They’re the fat broads that you regret bangin’, and I’ve been there and done that.”

On Los Angeles:

Janssen: “L.A. is such a bizarro town…weirdo. Everyone’s on a different planet. They are.”

On trash talking his opponents:

Janssen: “There’s some shit-talkin’ that goes down that pisses some people off. There’s a lot of personal shit, man, like, guys know personal shit. … You wanna get in people’s heads to get them off their fuckin’ game. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t wanna go too deep with shit because we all have our issues here. Let’s be honest.”

Host: “But if the guy was suckin’ cock four weeks ago, you’re gonna let him know about it?”

Janssen: “Oh, if he’s suckin’ cock, he’s gettin’ his ass kicked.” [laughter]

We know this isn’t the voice of the NHL: This isn’t the voice of players like Sean Avery, Ryan Kesler, Duncan Keith and Henrik Lundqvist, who have all come forward in support of LGBT equality. And this isn’t the voice of Brian Burke, who co-founded the You Can Play Project after the death of his son, Brendan. This is just one person mouthing off.

Janssen shouldn’t be fined or suspended for his foul language, though. It’s enough his fellow players and Devil fans know he’s failed at good sportsmanship.