Did Too Many Pucks To The Head Make Hockey Player Cam Janssen A Homophobe?

During a recent appearance on an Internet-radio show, New Jersey Devils winger Cam Janssen made his mama proud by insulting another team with sexist remarks and joking how he’d beat up a gay hockey player.

It seems like the host of the St. Louis-based Thom & Jeff Show is goading Janssen into making some pretty inflammatory statements, but we don’t hear the 28-year-old trying to stop him.  (Listen to full interview here.)

On the Devils losing the Stanley Cup to the L.A. Kings:

Host: “The first time I did a fat chick, a buddy picked me up from a party and I was hung over and he goes, ‘Do you realize what you just did?’ … I would imagine it’s something like that. It’s like you had a chance, and then it’s like …”

Janssen: “Damn fat broads, man.”

Host: “So the L.A. Kings are the fat broads?”

Janssen: “They are. They’re the fat broads that you regret bangin’, and I’ve been there and done that.”

On Los Angeles:

Janssen: “L.A. is such a bizarro town…weirdo. Everyone’s on a different planet. They are.”

On trash talking his opponents:

Janssen: “There’s some shit-talkin’ that goes down that pisses some people off. There’s a lot of personal shit, man, like, guys know personal shit. … You wanna get in people’s heads to get them off their fuckin’ game. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t wanna go too deep with shit because we all have our issues here. Let’s be honest.”

Host: “But if the guy was suckin’ cock four weeks ago, you’re gonna let him know about it?”

Janssen: “Oh, if he’s suckin’ cock, he’s gettin’ his ass kicked.” [laughter]

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    he’d beat up a gay hockey player.

    What makes him think he could?

  • desdemona

    What a piece of shit this guy is,as well as the host; flaunting ignorant macho bravado like it’s still cool.
    Id just love to say to them, fighting is not manly- its childish and pathetic- but how much can you expect from a hockey player? Also though, sucking cock is hot and the ultimate expression of masculinity. Id love to see big man cam janssen say that to a bunch of leather bear daddies- theyd kick your ass you shit talking douche- no padding allowed!

  • steve

    I hope a puck smashed his ugly face in so he can’t make any more homophobic comments… asshole!

  • steve

    I hope a puck smashes his ugly face in so he can’t make any more homophobic comments… asshole!

  • MikeE

    actually, yes he SHOULD be fined by the NHL.

    he is speaking publicly AS A HOCKEY PLAYER, therefore as a representative of the NHL.

    his language is completely unacceptable and displays a boorishness and intolerance that is inappropriate to the last degree.

    make him PAY for those words.

  • the other Greg

    I agree the NHL should fine him. Plenty of precedents lately. However one of the quotes seems totally innocuous:

    “L.A. is such a bizarro town…weirdo. Everyone’s on a different planet. They are.”

    What’s wrong with that one?

  • Jabaroo

    If you feel the need to “get into peoples heads” to throw them of their game, you’re a shitty hockey player. Seriously, at 16 none of that shit happens (to me at least). Maybe it was because I came from a town where everyone knew everyone, and kids on opposing teams would hang out, either way the players om my team were a lot more mature than that. Oh and trash talking L.A. Kings? They kicked Jerseys ass, as they did EVERY other team in the playoffs.

  • Jabaroo

    As for whether he should be fined? I don’t have an opinion on that, I’m sure he can afford it, their salaries are outrageous.

  • Miguel

    These homophobic “straight” guys should be glad that Gay dudes are gay.That means more women for them,but instead they are hateful towards us.It makes absolutely no sense.They are very insecure with their sexuality.So afraid of being gay themselves.

  • kevininbuffalo

    I always wonder what guys like this have hidden in their closet.
    Bet she’s the biggest queen in the NHL.

  • NateB79

    Obligatory canned apology in 3….2….1

  • JON

    What a total fuck-wad!

  • Tel

    @NateB79: LMAO.. good one! You know its coming.

  • Avenger

    I hope he stands by his comments and doesn’t apologize for them.

  • Stav

    …but he’s white, and young.
    I thought homophobia was supposed to be limited to old people and blacks.

    Go figure.

  • Mk Ultra

    And some wonder why it’s taking gay sports figures still in the game so long to game out.

    I agree wth Queerty here. Fines and that sort of thing really don’t make a difference to these rich players.
    But their reputation is another thing.
    Compare an LGBT friendly player like Sean Avery, though he’s former now, who made an It Gets Bettet video with
    Janssen who said he would beat up a player for being gay. He would committ a hate crime. That’s not a joke no matter how he meant it.
    If he wants to be hockey’s homophobic poster boy, although we know the sport is filled with it, then I say we give him his wish.

  • shannon


  • shannon


  • vektor

    I agree with the others saying he should be fined. This type of behavior from a public figure is uncalled for.

  • Irishguy

    At this stage of my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that when an ostensibly straight man makes homophobic comments, there is a very high likelihood that subconsciously he’s suppressing his own gay tendencies. Time to target him and figure how to out him.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    I don’t know any confident and secure straight men that talk like Janssen.

  • Mike Ramon

    You’re never ever going to get rid of homophobic talk, be it from young, old or middle age. The same goes for anti- racist talk and anti-ethnic talk. I just say let the shit bag say whatever he wants to but if he ever laid a hand on me for being gay he’d get a right hook.

  • JJ

    I think it was blown out of proportion. He was trash talking and he was baited by the host with the comment “if the guy was sucking cock….” This is the world of sports, not a political candidate up to be so F**** political correct that you can’t fart in public without affending someone. Let it go!

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