Discrimination-Loving Utah Gov. Herbert’s Sit-Down With the Gays Changed Nobody’s Mind


Utah’s new governor Gary Herbert secured himself a comfortable seat in hell when he argued that, while he doesn’t want gays to be discriminated against, he doesn’t want it to be illegal if someone chooses to do it. Fast-forward two months, and now he’s sitting down with the gay rights crusade.

Herbert yesterday met with Equality Utah and the Foundation for Reconciliation (the Mormon+gays group), but neither group is reporting much progress. The sit-down was the beginning of a dialogue, they (and the governor’s office) say, which is perfectly nice, but far from anything resembling action, or a change in views from the governor.

After the meeting, Herbert’s spokeswoman told a reporter, “He is not, obviously, in favor of any discrimination of any group. The question he has is: Should government intervene in that situation and in what way? It’s not a secret to anyone that Governor Herbert tends to favor limited government in all cases.” So, just to clarify: The governor still feels bad about you queers losing jobs or housing because you’re LGBT, but he’s not about to do anything to stop it.

Meeting adjourned!