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Disney Channel Acknowledges That Gay Parents Exist, Infuriates One Million Moms


If you think it’s been too long since there has been a pointless One Million Moms boycott over some sliver of LGBT inclusion, today is your lucky day.

OMM, last seen frothing at the mouth over the Transgender Mary on the Glee Christmas episode, has picked the latest target of their ire: the house that Mickey Mouse built.

On January 28th, the Disney channel series Good Luck Charlie featured the first same-sex couple ever seen on the network.

Lesbian parents Susan and Cheryl were seen briefly as they dropped their daughter off for a play date with Charlie. The choice was not made lightly by Disney, who were reported to have consulted with multiple child development experts prior to the decision.

Naturally, OMM took it as a sign of the impending apocalypse.

In a recently released statement, they accused Disney of deciding “to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming,” and pushed for conservative families to “urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend.”

There was no mention of the millions of real children that are being raised by same-sex parents, but then again OMM has never been a group to let reality get in the way of their agenda.

Their hate-on for LGBT-inclusive families knows no bounds, and they raised a similarly fruitless boycott of the ABC lesbian mom/foster parents drama The Fosters prior to its airing. That show is a hit that will soon return for new episodes on the network.

Someday, those One Million Moms (or is that 50,000?) will realize that LGBT inclusion is where the world is going and deal.

Hopefully, they’ll have a couple thousand gay kids that can show them the way.

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