Dissecting Mike Huckabee’s Gay Politics

Mike Huckabee’s rapidly becoming the most written about politician. As we predicted, the Republican presidential candidate’s meteoric rise opens him up to all sorts of criticism, analysis and examination.

The Advocate gets in on the fun with a comprehensive look at the Southern Baptist’s historically anti-gay stands. Taking a closer look, however, and Huckabee may not be as conservative as he’d like voters to believe. Professor Jay Barth tells Bernice Yeung that while Huckabee supported anti-gay marriage legislation, he did not lead the charge:

He now really does tout the fact that he was leading the charge for a marriage amendment for Arkansas, but that’s just not accurate. The record indicates he supported it, but he was not leading the charge. Those who were leading the charge were those who were actually saying that Huckabee was not conservative enough; it was a moment of interparty politics.

Mitt Romney should put that on a postcard and mail it around Iowa. That’ll thin out Huckabee’s ranks a little – and further split the Grand Old Party.