Do “Gay Brains” Shift Culture War?

We gays have had brain on the mind.

A study out of Sweden showed this week that gay men and straight women share brain make up, while straight men and lesbians also show similarities. That’s good and bad.

Good: pretty solid proof that being gay is not a “choice,” as some foes would like you to believe. Bad: the possibility of a queer cleansing.

Certainly staunch homophobes would cheer the latter development, and that’s exactly what worries journo William Saletan, who says the culture war has gone “chemical.”

If the idea of chemically suppressing homosexuality in the womb horrifies you, I have bad news: You won’t be in the room when it happens. Parents control medical decisions, and surveys indicate that the vast majority of them would be upset to learn that their child was gay. Already, millions are screening embryos and fetuses to eliminate those of the “wrong” sex. Do you think they won’t screen for the “wrong” sexual orientation, too?

Liberals are slow to see what’s coming. They’re still fighting the culture war… The reduction of homosexuality to neurobiology doesn’t mean your sexual orientation can’t be controlled. It just means the person controlling it won’t be you.

Is Saletan trying to scare the shit out of us? Because it’s working.