Them Vs. Us

Do Our New Marriage Rights Have Conservatives Energized? Or Terrified?


The marriage equality landslide may be coming, but recent victories in Vermont and Iowa (and little old Washington D.C.) are giving same-sex marriage opponents a renewed energy to keep other states from allowing legislation or court decisions to swing our way. While we’re celebrating our new civil rights, opponents are using the momentum to rally their own troops.

With at least nine state legislators considering same-sex legislation — including New York, New Jersey, Maine, and New Hampshire, where support for equality is gaining — the battle is on to enact civil rights or strip them away.

“Several groups that oppose same-sex marriage suggested Tuesday that the successive victories for gay rights advocates would give the opposition movement new energy,” reports the New York Times. “[Brian Brown, executive director] of the National Organization for Marriage, said the developments in Iowa and Vermont had prompted his group to start running advertisements against same-sex marriage in several states now, instead of in late spring, as originally planned. In particular, he said, the ruling in Iowa caught opponents off guard and invigorated them because they had not expected it so soon.”

Or are we mixing up “new momentum” with “running scared”?