Docs Take on Bigotry

We don’t know how we missed it, but yesterday’s New York Times had an article on so-called bigot therapy – a distant cousin of Ted Haggard‘s defagification therapy. There’s been no shortage of famous fumbles in recent days and weeks, many of which have ended with the culprits heading off to therapy to right their wordage wrongs. Take, for example, Isaiah Washington, the faggot-flinging Grey’s Anatomy actor who headed off to investigate his homophobia and came out a week later a little more queer headed.

So, what do these therapies entail? Not much, it seems. The article talks to Deena Pargman, an Atlanta based therapist:

In five-hour sessions, Ms. Pargman said she homes in on techniques to help clients adhere to professional behavior, like identifying what she calls “red light” situations.

“Jokes that include ethnicity are a red light,” she said. “Talking about body parts or how clothing fits is a red light. A green-light situation is talking about your dog.”

Yeah, talking about your dick or your cracker neighbor may not go over well, but trust us when we say that nobody wants to hear about your adorable dogs new trick. Well, we don’t, at least – we’d rather hear about that nasty hemorrhoid.

It’s also worth noting that the article in question appeared in the style section. You know, because being a bigot’s so in this season.