Does Anybody Watch Fitness Videos on YouTube and Actually, Like, Work Out?

Scott Herman, the Real World: Brooklyn superhero, underwear model, and gay rights supporter, is trying to sell us on his $4.99/month membership to ScottHermanFitness.com. How to make the pitch? By uploading a 20-minute video of himself doing his chest workout. Sans shirt. Pitch perfect, eh?

No, we’re not getting a cut of his fees, but Herman joins a growing list of fitness instructors marketing their wares via YouTube, whether they’re selling monthly training subscriptions, workout DVDs, erotica, or a mix of both (some links NSFW). Though we’d like to know what fraction of YouTube viewers actually pay for product, versus those logging on for some PG-rated whack material.

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  • Republican

    It bugs the hell out of me to hear Scott call the ass the bum. While I understand it’s not uncommon to hear it called that elsewhere, the ones who call it that in the USA tend to be prudes.

  • Chuck

    He may be hot as hell, but damn! Learn to spell, guy!!!

  • andy

    Isn’t he straight? Why are you giving him air time? With the million of gay muscle men out there why are you focusing on him? He isn’t that good looking… isn’t his head to be big for that small body any way?

  • Sam

    I’m weighing in the idea of getting his $5 a month membership. I’ve been watching his Youtube videos for ideas on my workouts for a while. He does give some great workout tips.

  • Gareth

    Looks like a future Sean Cody.com model after his fitness video business bombs……he is FIT fair do’s!

  • Gay Network Marketer

    I don’t really think it matters, my straight friends watch ladies in tight spandex do sit up after sit up – and they don’t know if those gals are straight or gay, so why should it matter if we actually work out after watching the videos or (as one commenter said) if the guys are gay or not?

  • ricky


  • tavdy79

    @ Andy, Scott Herman may be straight, but he’s also an ally. That said, the thing that’s most likely to get a workout from watching his videos is my right arm.

  • romeo

    Cute, and I love it when they’re all serious about shit and everything. LOL I don’t use free weights, just machines. That much weight is for bulking, and I’m more into definition, so I don’t use that much weight.

  • Jamie

    In the last video of him posted he referred to straight people as normal people after mentioning us in the same breath.

    Stop drooling over him long enough to listen to the garbage that comes out of his mouth.

    To him we’re not normal.

  • Yo

    I’m surprised that on this site, filled with vitriolic queens, that no one mentioned the horrible mess that was his oh-so-straight guy room in the third video. I don’t think he’s anti-gay, Jamie. He’s just young. I think he means well and doubtlessly someone has set him straight – so to speak. He’s like a big dumb, adorable Golden Retriever – only muscular and sexy.

  • Bad Boy

    Scott’s gorgeousness knows no bounds.

  • Obiwan

    Customers will get much benefit, if his exercise program at $4.99 per month is like this video. He appears to be a good teacher. Some of the exercises are not that easy for a novice. People can get hurt if they aren’t taught good form. I hope his exercise site has an advice section for individuals who are beginners.

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