Does Barack Obama Want To Have A Slice Of Marriage Pie With Michael Martin?

Michael Martin is more than just a gay comedian. He’s a pie enthusiast. A pie connoisseur. A pie gourmand. A piesmith! And as you’ll see on his blog Pie Folk, where he shares recipes and stories, he often cooks in his underwear. Or just an apron. I’m not sure any of that will appeal, then, to President Barack Obama, who Michael wants to have over for a slice of berries and flaky crust and a frank chat about marriage equality, but maybe all that sugary goodness will be enough to get Michelle to RSVP. Either way, can someone figure out how to make eating pie a way to help us secure marriage rights? Because I swear, I’ll do my part and eat at least four pans worth of Michael’s tasty treats.

And now just because, some photos of Michael at work.