Does CBS Think Gay Is Naughty?

It seems that Republicans aren’t the only ones who think the word “gay” falls under the expletive category. Our friends over at Good As You just sent us this link through which you’ll find a story on how CBS has taken to blocking out the aforementioned wayward word.

It seems that when readers use “gay” when discussing faggotry, homosexuality, etc etc, they’ll find the expression posted as asteriks. Exhibit A:
Hmm, while CBS viewers may be liberal, it doesn’t seem as if the Columbia Broadcast System follows the same social compass.

First ABC pulls that Foley story, now CBS won’t let people write the word gay. We’d like to take this time to ask one simple question: what the fuck is going on? It’s almost as if the Mark Foley scandal has sent us back to the days when “gay” didn’t even exist. What’s next? No more “black”? No more “women”?