Does It Count as Gay Marriage If the Groom Is Intersexed?

Texas isn’t the only place that needs to figure out its marriage laws to deal with unions not fitting the male-female prototype. In Indonesia, where gay marriage illegal, a woman stands accused of playing a dude to marry her female partner.

Oh, those bitter in-laws!

A man has gone on trial in Indonesia accused of falsifying his gender identity in order to marry a woman. Doctors say Alterina Hofan has the rare condition Klinefelter’s syndrome, where a male has an additional X chromosome that makes him look more like a woman. He says he officially changed his identity papers to show he was a male but his wife’s parents have accused him of document fraud.

[…] Mr Hofan’s mother told the BBC that when he was born, doctors said he was a girl, so he was registered and brought up as such. But when he was two years old he began to develop male genitalia and had always behaved like a boy, she said.