Does J. Crew Have a ‘No Hiring Transgender Employees’ Problem? It’s About To

Along with Banana Republic, J. Crew has spent nearly three decades outfitting America’s homosexuals in their dandy wardrobe, making pink slacks and crocodile belts acceptable for the masses. But on Sunday the queers will be sending a different message to J. Crew corporate — less of a “thank you for selling the gay uniform” and more of a “why aren’t you hiring transgender job applicants”?

A review of J. Crew’s hiring practices at 24 of the company’s New York City retail stores reveals: 1) J. Crew has 24 freakin’ stores in NYC?! (Due to an error with the original news story, it was reported that J. Crew’s 24 NYC stores were investigated, but it is actually 24 separate retailers); and 2) non-trans applicants were consistently hired over their trans counterparts. It’s led activists to file a complaint against J. Crew with the attorney general, which we wish got titled “J. Screw,” and plan a lovely protest in front of the Fifth Avenue store at 16th Street tomorrow.

Transgender and gender non-conforming activists will call on J. Crew to address discrimination by adopting a non-discrimination policy and including it in all job listings and applications; training employees about non-discrimination policies and practices; and ensuring that transgender and gender non-conforming people are free from harassment on the job.

The report to be released, titled “Transgender Need Not Apply: a Report on Gender Identity Job Discrimination,” also found a 42 percent net rate of discrimination for transgender job applicants, a high figure in comparison to rates documented for other populations such as African-Americans and the elderly. In addition, 49 percent of transgender workers surveyed reported that they have never been offered a job in the time that they have lived openly as transgender.

And if the demonstrators could also protest against this dress, which does not look good on anyone over a Size Zero, that’d be great, thanks.

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