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Does Jon Stewart’s Satirical Newscast Still Get a Pass That Rachel Maddow & Co. Do Not?

Jon Stewart made the Lamestream Media all mad by blaming them at his D.C. sanity rally for all this American unrest, or whatever. Rachel Maddow, part of this cabal of information warriors, sat down with him last night for a wide-ranging discussion that filled the entire hour or her show. It was quite good! But Rachel’s show usually is, and Jon makes great television. But is anyone else getting just an itsy-bitsy bit tired of Stewart constantly giving himself a pass because he runs a comedic/fake news show, while the cable news types pride themselves on actual reporting? Stewart claims he’s on the sideline with satire, while folks like Maddow is an actual influencer. Uh, not really anymore. Because really, the line between the two isn’t just blurred; it’s completely pixelated. I’m going to turn it into a Blingee in just a moment. (All that said, this was a great discussion.)