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Does Nobody Want To Head Up San Francisco Pride?

Ever since San Francisco Pride’s executive director Amy Andre announced she was stepping down in November (amidst a financial scandal where vendors claimed they were stiffed for tens of thousands of dollars), the group responsible for the city’s annual parade festivities has been searching for someone to take over. SF Pride’s board declared a self-imposed deadline for finding a new interim leader by April 1. Well April Fool’s Day came and went, and there’s still nobody running the debt-laden show. How come?

Because either the board has a truly rigorous screening process, or nobody wants the job. The Bay Area Reporter relays:

Board co-chair Alex Randolph said [Thursday], “The logistics of the selection took a little longer than expected” and the board wants to make sure “we have the highest quality candidate who’s a good fit for San Francisco and a good fit for San Francisco Pride.” Randolph (pictured at right) said there hasn’t been a shortage of good candidates, though. “We’re just spending more time with the candidates individually.” He didn’t say how many candidates there are. “Our priority and focus is to have someone selected within the next couple of weeks, definitely before the event,” said Randolph. The Pride celebration is June 25-26.

You mean nobody wants to overhaul an organization that’s $190,000 in debt and held in contempt by the very vendors it relies on to put on June’s parade? I hear Geoff Kors is free.