Does Tim Tebow Have Taylor Lautner-Style Gay Hands?

The quality of this video is for shit, but you’d have to be Helen Keller—or Michele Bachmann—not to see the flames radiating from Bronco’s QB Tim Tebow’s flailing wrists.

And we thought Taylor Lautner’s had limp hinges!

Now before you get your Andrew Christians in a bunch, we’re not saying Tebow is gay—or that limp wrists are a telltale sign of one’s sexuality. But if we can tease a spokesman for Focus on the Family, you know we’re gonna.

Sorry you blew it at Saturday’s AFC playoff, Tim. Maybe you ought to start praying to the guy downstairs, like we do.

How else did we get cameras to capture this tender kiss between Tebow and Tony Joiner back in 2007?


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  • iDavid

    Hmmm…..those two Vids are pretty telling.

  • Tommy Shepherd

    No they’re not.

  • QJ201

    If he’s not gay, he’s italian.

  • steve sydney

    Forget the hands.. what about the LISP?!!

    I almost saw a purse fall out of his mouth..

  • tazz602

    OMG – that LISP – and the hands. I cannot believe no one mentioned the lisp. If this wasn’t a serious interview I’d think he was making fun of us gays. The stereotypes do exist

  • MikeE

    he certainly is an “expressive” little boy, isn’t he.

    he makes my gaydar twitch.
    there are subtle cues that I’ve never gotten from a straight guy before.
    he’s probably profoundly closeted.

  • kevininbuffalo

    My Gaydar just exploded!

  • Javier

    Jesus said: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”—John 15:18,19

  • Cam


    Nice try bigot, your problem is, saying that he is gay isn’t hating him. But then again, as a bigot you wouldn’t get it.

    Oh, and it would seem that Jesus, if he really WAS helping Tebow, sure didn’t like him as much as he liked Tom Brady now did he?

    At this point I feel sorry for Tebow, not because of his being accused of being gay which seems like a very good bet.

    But because he is 23 years old, raised in an incredibly religious home, home schooled, kept away from the world, and now may have to go through dealing with being gay with that type of background and that type of family.

    Poor guy, I hope he can overcome the kind of self hatred an upbringing like that can cause.

  • Marie Cohn

    Proudly circumcising baby Filipino boys!

  • Alex

    @Cam – I am not sure what Javier means that with this bible verse, first off it’s a rather unusual translation and secondly it could also be read to mean that Jesus equates himself with the persecuted, such as queers for example, who are hated by the world.

  • Cam

    @Alex: Alex,

    Agreed, but then again, people like him make a habit of twisting the Bible to only support their own bigotry. Very nice catch.

  • christopher di spirito

    The Mile High Messiah is a lousy quarterback.

    In Saturday’s divisional game against the mighty New England Patriots, Tom Brady had more TD passes than Tim Tebow had completions. I mean, I just have to laugh at Tebow. He should give his salary back to the Broncos — he doesn’t deserve it and he didn’t earn it.

  • spider_orchid

    @Javier: …So God must love the LGBT community since people all over the world hate us and want us to burn in hell. THANKS FOR THAT! :D

  • newcityspot

    That second video was um, very interesting to say the least.

  • Shannon1981

    I don’t wanna claim this prick. It is obvious that he is a self loathing, closeted homosexual(I refuse to call him gay, closeted homophobes don’t get that label), but, who cares, really? I’d love a humiliating bathhouse scandal or something, but it likely won’t happen anytime soon, so why waste time on someone you once labeled (and rightly so) Douche of the Week?

  • Price Waterhouse

    How sad that gay men are still clinging to negative stereotypes to identify one another. Limp wrists and lisping? Are you still in the fifties?

  • Trip

    @Price Waterhouse: All stereotypes are founded in truth. Just because the stereotypes are “negative” doesn’t mean the behavior isn’t usually a true indicator.

  • Javier

    @Alex, uh no dude. It’s the New International Version translation, which the second most popular translation today, besides King James. Moreover, NIV is considered to be a pretty reliable translation amongst scholars. Nevertheless, the translation is solid and similarly rendered in other translations.

    Further, the context is clear. Jesus is talking about His followers and believers being persecuted in this text, not non-believers and non-followers of Jesus. For instance, in John 15:20, Jesus says, “Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.” He is clearly saying that people who don’t know or love Jesus will hate people who do love and follow Him. Jesus goes even further later to say, “They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me hates my Father as well.”

    Jesus makes it clear that loving Him and following Him will result in people who do not love or knowing Him hating you. The unbelieving world hates Jesus because the unbelieving world loves evil, and Jesus challenges people to forsake their sin, which they love. In John 7:7, Jesus says the world “hates me because I testify that what it does is evil”

    John 3:19 says it this way: “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”

    And the Apostle Paul echoes what Jesus says when he declares, “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (II Timothy 3:12).

  • christopher di spirito

    @Javier: This thread is about The Mile High Messiah — not the Baby Jeebus. Now, go away. You’re a bore.

  • Cam



    Unless you never wear clothing of mixed fiber, never eat pork, never eat shellfish, believe that men should have multiple wives, beat their children or kill them if they are disrespectful, etc…

    Then lets not pretend that you really care what the Bible says. Unless you live by every rule in there, you are merely a bigoted hypocrite for picking out the one line that supports your bigotry.

    Jesus spoke out against adultry and divorce, but I don’t see these supposedly religious candidates running on ending divorce in the U.S. So again, you’re all just a bunch of bigots finding the one little passage in the Bible that you feel excuses your hatred and bigotry.

  • Kylew

    @Trip: That’s as may be, but whenever a straight person, or a teacher or coach implies that feminine or sissy characeristics are gay, everyone here goes crazy. You can’t all have it both ways – use that to identify a potential brother in one breath, then accuse people of stereotyping in the next.

    I think that this article is about as sleazy as it gets – this constant obsession that queerty has with identifying closet homosexuals is a gross invasion of their privacy, and it’s one of the very many reasons that I don’t have any respect for this site’s integrity; especially when in the next breath, they’ll be up on their high horse attacking other phobes.

  • Mike UK

    at the end of the day does anyone really care whether he’s str8, gay or bats for both teams, no, it’s not going to change anything, it’s not going to make you average football fuckwit think twice before hurling abuse so leave the guy to it, IF he’s gay he’ll come out when he’s good and ready!

    as for Javier, keep your bible bollocks for church on sunday!

  • Kylew

    @Javier: If you stick around here spouting your biblical nonsense you are going to find out how true that verse may be. And before you take that as a sign of the eternal truth of your pathetic god’s word; if you go into the heartland of those that you have persecuted and start spouting your justifications, of course you will be hated. It’s nothing to do with evil. Evil is spending half a million dollars fghting against homosexual marriage, whilst watching as children go hungry and teens commit suicide thanks to the intolerance you promote.

  • iDavid


    People don’t hate you b/c you follow Jesus. Thats cool. People hate people like you because you are two faced hypocritical finger pointing annoyingly irrational pricks. Natural sexuality trumps all man-ufactured homophobic religion. And gay is natural to our race. Done. Get used to it.

    Now, since you seem to be all mr fix everybody today, go fix all your Christian folks, that should keep you busy for hmm…. say eternity? Oh yes, and that “log in your eye”? Huge. Start there.

    You’re judgmental guilt ridden neg “agenda” is sooo obvious. We get it. And so is everybody else, thx to the internet and just plain waking up. Now toddle along.

  • hyhybt

    What proof is there that Tebow is homophobic? He did an ad against abortion, not gay… well, anything.

  • hyhybt

    @Javier: None of which is relevant to this page, which is for talking about whether Tim Tebow is gay or not.

  • Stiffler's Mom

    Come on, guys, we all know by now that regardless of whether the gay community loves you (Tom Cruise and Taylor Lautner) or hates you (Tim Tebow and Rick Perry), either way they’re going to claim you as one of their own (as long as you’re not butt-ugly, apparently).

  • Mike in Asheville

    @christopher di spirito: “Lousy” is very very subjective: there are 32 NFL teams = there are 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL. To be a quarterback who leads a team into the playoffs, indeed into a second playoff game, means that that quarterback is hardly lousy.

    It is beyond hypocrisy to whine about bullying and name calling, and then for Queerty to jump on the limp wrist and lisp means fag bandwagon.

    WTF? Who the fuck cares who and what Tebow sleeps with?


    For those who ask whether Tebow is a homophobe, I have not seen anything to indicate that he voices such EXCEPT he does do endorsement publicity for Focus on the Family, a SLPC certified anti-gay hate group.

  • redball


    AMEN! Would certainly explain why he clings to his anti-gay religious zealotry so; it’s the only thing keeping him from bending over for a nice big stiff one(or giving another guy his own stiffy).

  • mike09

    I’ve never heard this guy speak before, but if I didn’t know who he was and just watched that clip I’d say this person seems gay not straight.

    Also, perhaps he’s “saving” himself for marriage and claims to be (and very well could be) a virgin so he can conveniently avoid dealing with having sex with women.

    Judging from the second video he could be getting all he needs from his locker room “buddies.”

  • Chopper Man

    @hyhybt: Exactly. It’s the same old reaction from the gay community: I love him but I can’t have him so I’ll trash him and that’ll show him.

  • Pocket Otter

    Fools. This video is indicative of nothing.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Mike in Asheville: I’m pretty well aware of the number of NFL teams and the role of the quarterback — having watched football my entire life but, that’s for letting people know you know too.

    There isn’t anything “subjective” about Tebow’s record. He has a 78.2 rating with 3,474 yards passing? How about 26 touchdowns with a 56.7 completion percentage. With Timmy as their QB, the Broncos finish their year 8-8. Yeah, spectacular stats. LOL!

    Thanks though for the lecture on lousy. I enjoyed it.

  • Marie Cohn

    Future parlance: I went to the teroom and got down and tebowed a big fat one.

  • DenverBarbie

    If he is gay, he’s probably in deep denial or celibate. There are no rumors of appearance or hook ups floating around our bar and club, bathhouse, or sex worker crowds- and we keep a good, close eye on our evangelists here in Colorado. (Can I get an “amen,” Ted Haggard?)

  • hyhybt

    @DenverBarbie: There’s nothing wrong with being celibate.

  • Malcolm

    Wow, a lot of hatred for a dude that essentially everyone that knows him personally says is a genuine, authentically loving Christian man who lives all life centered around Jesus Christ. I think it is telling that his teammates from the University of Florida and Denver Broncos attest that Tebow really is as humble, caring, and selfless as he appears in media, and has been such a powerful influence in the lives of people who played with him. Tebow is the type of guy I wish I were. In a crude and vulgar age, he is a breath of fresh air, a man who loves God and loves people.

  • Malcolm

    Wow, a lot of hatred for a dude that essentially everyone that knows him personally says is a genuine, authentically loving Christian man who lives his life centered around Jesus Christ. I think it is telling that his teammates from the University of Florida and Denver Broncos attest that Tebow really is as humble, caring, and selfless as he appears in media, and has been such a powerful influence in the lives of people who played with him. Tebow is the type of guy I wish I were. In a crude and vulgar age, he is a breath of fresh air, a man who loves God and loves people.

  • Malcolm

    Oh, and the kneejerk anti-Christian rhetoric of some gay activists is definitely a turn-off for mainstream Americans, who remain overwhelmingly Christian. While Americans may be sympathetic to gays who are respectful of Christianity and are Christians themselves, most Americans are not gonna align with a movement that blasphemes their God and oppresses believers for practicing their faith in accordance with the Bible. Lately, I have heard some of the vilest, meanest things said not by the rightwing, but by so-called gay rights activists are filled with rage and hatred toward Christians. It’s making me think twice about supporting gay rights.

  • Cam

    @Malcolm: said…

    “Oh, and the kneejerk anti-Christian rhetoric of some gay activists is definitely a turn-off for mainstream Americans, who remain overwhelmingly Christian. While Americans may be sympathetic to gays who are respectful of Christianity and are Christians themselves, most Americans are not gonna align with a movement that blasphemes their God and oppresses believers for practicing their faith in accordance with the Bible. ”

    Really Malcome? Funny then isn’t it that Don’t ASk Don’t Tell repeal was supported by around 3/4 of Americans, and support for legal Gay Marriage is now over 50% in the country and much higher in certain states.

    I love how you just say something and think that because you believe it it is true.

    As for being “Anti Christian” what I love is that Religious Right Wingers will seek to attack others, deny them rights, and steal their livelyhood and yet claim that if they are not allowed to do this, it is anti-Christian Bias.

    Sorry, but if I stop you from hitting me with a bat, I’m not the attacker, but nice try crybaby.

  • Dan Cobb

    Mr. Tebow’s handlers have undoubtedly hired speech therapy coaches to get this guy to talk like a “straight” dude. He doesn’t talk this way any more. I don’t think for a minute that this guy is straight. Everything about him –his speech back then, the way that he moves, his love for the men on his team and the devotion that love inspires in his men, his complete ability to forgive his co-players anything and everything, and the fact that he is ensconsing himself in a fundamentalist Christian ideology which is a plausible explanation for his being without a female companion…. all suggest that this guy is a very sweet, very hunky (and cute) gay boy.

  • iDavid


    I think if you would weigh the anger of being angry because people won’t adhere to an obvious irrational belief, with the anger of seeing our gay teens commit suicide at the hands of religion, that you would be rational enough to deduce correct action. It sounds like you do and I thank you for your support. Soul murder by Christianities horrid illogical doctrine on very major points, is not an easy thing for many.

  • Cam

    @Javier: said…

    “@Cam. you cite Levitical Law that was under the Old Testament Covenant. Jesus said he established a new covenant through His death and sacrifice (Matthew 26:28).
    In the book of Hebrews we learn that, if a new covenant has been given, then it must be a better covenant which as such makes the old covenant outmoded.

    Fine, then Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, but spoke against divorce and Adultery, and yet I don’t see any of you supposedly religious folks pushing for divorce or adultery to be outlawed in America, but any time there is a chance for you to crusade for bigotry you are there with bells on. It is very easy, you aren’t really religious, you just want excuses to do what you want to do. You are a bigot, so will pick out the parts of the Bible that you think support that, but ignore everything else.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Malcolm: Well said. And don’t pay any attention to Cam (#43)—he’s proof of exactly the kind of hateful rhetoric you were talking about.

  • Shannon1981

    @Malcolm: I’m sorry, but in case you haven’t noticed, almost every since anti gay hate group, every reason we have no rights, every justification for our oppression is rooted…wait for it… in gasp! CHRISTIANITY.

    Our mistrust of these people and their outrageously ludicrous beliefs is more than justified.

  • Chopper Man

    @Dan Cobb: In your dreams, Danny-boy. Only in your dreams.

  • David Aventura

    Nothing about these videos is gay. Tebow is not gay, and neither were the hands.

  • Tone

    Perhaps it is those supple wrists that make him such a good player?

    At any rate his sexual orientation is a discussion beneath mature adults. Grow up.

  • DenverBarbie

    @hyhybt: I didn’t mean it that way… There is absolutely nothing wrong with being celibate. Hell, I have been for years upon years! (A choice I made before I did my stint as a nudie dancer.)

  • Cam

    @GOD (gay old dude): said…

    “@Malcolm: Well said. And don’t pay any attention to Cam (#43)—he’s proof of exactly the kind of hateful rhetoric you were talking about.”

    Another typical response from the victimology pool. Please point out where in my comment anything was hateful?

    You can’t, you are constantly on here, defending bigots, supporting the politicians that attack us, and then turning around trying to say that gays are the attackers. Fine, lets hear what was “Hateful”.

    Time for you to post something changing the subject or misdirecting now.

  • Frank

    He looks very bottomish to me…

  • Zack

    I don’t thinks he’s gay and don’t care. His outward faith does not threaten me any that I feel the need to write paragraphs after paragraphs about Christianity or respond to anyone else comment with such enthusiasm.

    He’s not that hot anyway.

  • Bigg

    Tim Tebow can suck a bag of dicks for all I care.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Bigg: Is that like a plastic bag, and they’re all mushed in together? Or is it like a paper bag, and they’re all sticking out like baguettes?

  • christopher di spirito

    @Frank: “Bottomish” ROFL! Love the newly minted word, But Frank, I can’t tell you how many times I thought a guy looked “bottomish” only to take him home and discover a power top with a huge fuck tool to get the job done.

  • Cam

    @christopher di spirito:

    I gotta go with Frank on this one. He not only looks bottomish, he looks like he would be fairly passive, and then a huge cuddle monkey after.

  • MKe

    He is so much hotter than I thought he was that tight cut off arms shirt is really working for him. And he definitely could be gay, but gay or not we know he’s extremely sexually frustrated. Praying away his erections. so sad when someone so hot does that.

  • gus

    Its really nobody’s business but his own. Thanks for nuttin queerty.

    Celibacy? Please, you’ll be dead in a flash so enjoy the gifts you were given.


  • CJ

    His sex life is his business unless he starts speaking out against someone else’s, etc.

    Really, the obsession over “is this person gay” is getting really old, pathetic and becoming a new stereotype for gays. Gays always assuming ____ (insert name of guy) ______ must be gay, etc.

  • Cam

    @GOD (gay old dude): said…

    “@Cam: You ask what was hateful in your post #43? Well, calling someone a “crybaby,” for starters. That, and your perpetual smug self-righteous attitude that you and your opinions are absolute, but anyone who holds a different or opposing opinion is wide-open for all of your petty name-calling and vitriol. Virtually every response I’ve ever seen you post on this site is brimming with hate and condescension”

    So there was nothing hateful really in my post other than your thought that I am smug and condescending.

    My condescension to you comes from the fact that your act is old and tired. I get that you grew up in a time when gays were supposed to hide, shut up, and not draw any attention to ourselves, but your continual defense of the hateful bigots that attack us cannot be excused merely by when you grew up.

    Pretending that defending ourselves from bigots that would have us arrested or worse is somehow attacking them is idiotic beyond belief. Perhaps talking that way about your own kind makes it easier for you at your family get togethers but please don’t expect me to clap you on the back and talk about how wonderful you are for continually siding with those that would do us harm.

    As for your claim that you are not so “Rudely Forward” oh no…heaven forbid, you just post snide attacks calling them hateful, but somehow think you are being polite because you address them to a third party.

    Sorry, but passive aggressive cowardice isn’t politeness, it is just a different branch of the same cowardice that makes you identify more with bigots than with other gays.

    Look at yourself. Some straight person comes in here, and you were tripping over your petticoats to ingratiate yourself to him by attacking other gays. I do not have anger issues, but you really should look at your deep seated self hatred. There still may be time for you to really learn to live your life.

  • Mr. Robertson

    So … you’re all now trying to delude yourselves into thinking this man is gay?

  • Kylew

    @Malcolm: Malcolm just because something is a turn off for the average white christian American is no reason to pussyfoot away from it. The average christianity American believed in slavery and the inferiority of women for a long time. Was that any reason not to address those issues?

    I despise christianity for the entirety of its hateful doctrine, and I consider it a matter of integrity to hold that opinion. But if you consider that we should appease them in case they might not like us, I think that you are fooling yourself.

    To misrepresent hatred of christianity as kneejerk is as wilfully disingenuous as it would be to characterise hatred of the Ku Klux Clan as kneejerk. Some beliefs are so patently and demonstrably hateful and untrue, that they require no more than the most cursory consideration before deriding them with the utmost contemp. Christianity is such a belief.

  • Cam

    @Mr. Robertson: said…

    “So … you’re all now trying to delude yourselves into thinking this man is gay?”

    Your comment is irrelevent. You have no backing for it. Additionally, lets not play games here. If Tebow was NOT a football star and a bunch of bigots saw him in a bar acting like he acted on that interview, the guy would be gay bashed when he walked to his car.

    But don’t let that convince you, why not just look at all the OTHER religious folks that weren’t gay….George Rekers, Ted Haggard, etc… Yeah, NOBODY EVER is gay are they?

  • iDavid

    Sometimes I have to laugh. This seems like a huge red barn with rain outside, with cheeky barn animals having their daily gossip fest waiting for the sun to shine. Such characters!

    To those cluckers who don’t think it matters if Teeboy is gay, I’d have a major laugh at all the Christian right’s heart-ons if he came out. It would be, a big deal. I’m sure it would give quite a few born-agains exciting bathroom baptizing fantasy material. Utah does after all have the largest rate of porn consumption in the nation. Religious sexual oppression sure brings out the biggest sluts.

  • iDavid

    PS That shirt he’s wearing is buns down, truly a gay fashion statement.

  • Mr. Robertson


    1) No backing for what? For pointing out that YOU have no backing when you come up with this daydream that he’s not only gay but a bottom? Talk about projection.

    2) George Rekers and Ted Haggard? Your point is what? That some some men are gay … and some are not? No, you’re right, *I’m* the one who isn’t making a relevant point.

    3) The hand gestures don’t even “read” as “gay.” That’s just wishful thinking.

    4) Gay bashing? I don’t know in what sort of universe you live in, but Tim Tebow wouldn’t get gaybashed for acting like he did in that interview; you *think* he would because you’re projecting all your insecurities and fears onto him. You’re thinking, “I move my hands a lot, and bullies look down on me for it. But so does Tim Tebow! Why doesn’t *he* get shit from the homophobes?” Well, he doesn’t because of a 1,000 reasons that have nothing to do with his fame and status. He doesn’t because of a 1,000 reasons that boys learn when they’re growing up and turn into men. If you never learned what those things are, sorry. Sucks for you. Live your life the best you can, but don’t try to pretend everyone else is like you.

    Finally, I’d like to say that I don’t know if Tim Tebow is gay. Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. And if he is, awesome; hopefully he’ll come to terms with it and come out and be out and proud while he’s still a big-deal player. But this idea that his “hands” give away his sexuality (and that he’s a bottom, no less) is dumb, and kind of pathetic.

  • Ian

    @Javier: Sorry Javier. You’ll need to explore spirituality and texts beyond your Strong’s Concordance. Your fundie interpretation is only one among many.

  • michael

    I knew Tebow was gay two years ago when I read an interview where he said he didn’t date women due to his morals…. Um, morality makes no such request.

  • iDavid


    That is the nail in the coffin if there ever was one. But I certainly do respect his Christian morals.

    I totally get where he’s coming from not dating girls. Any honest down home self respecting gay boy would find it completely improper and against his moral fiber to date a girl and lead her on.

    Kudos to Tebow for that.

    Him being a footballer, this expands meaning to the term “playing the field”.

  • Malcolm

    @Kylew. It is sad that you feel and think that way, but only God in His sovereignty can change your heart, soul, and mind. I pray that you will come to faith in Christ, but until then, it is your choice to resist God.


    @Javier: Um, dude only 2 BILLION people worlwide worship Jesus.

  • iDavid


    When the world finds out in the not too distant future who the real god is you have been praying to, there will be such a sense of ultimate betrayal Christians will be rioting in the streets in pure rage. Stick w Jesus, he was murdered for things of which you haven’t a clue, but it definitely was not to pay for anyones sins.
    Busting the Sanhedrin’s nutty god shtick didn’t work, but all will be made well regardless, very soon. It will be a very soft voice doing the telling, stay tuned.

  • Zeus

    Oof. And it would make sense if he was very deeply closeted considering how religious he is.

  • Kylew

    @Malcolm: lol – and I hope that you will come to know the wisdom of science and rational thinking rather than denying logic. And if you don’t, would you kindly keep your indoctrination to yourself.

  • Shannon1981

    @Malcolm: another religious nut, only this time, a gay one, making it even more pathetic.

  • rayy

    If he’s gay, God bless him. But I think he should be the one to decide that.

  • Daez

    @Kylew: Here is why you are WRONG. Queerty does not go out of its way to identify closeted homosexuals UNLESS they are closeted homosexuals attacking the gay community. This dude could very well be a closeted homosexual that has aligned himself with Focus on the Family to spread a message of hatred of the gay community. THE GLOVES ARE OFF.

  • Daez

    @Shannon1981: Its not rooted in Christianity though. Its rooted in the misquotation of Bible by a lot of men that desire to misquote the Bible to further their own agenda. It has nothing to do with Christianity, and that is coming from an atheist. Stop blaming the book for how people read it. Its like blaming “The Adventure’s of Huckleberry Finn” for promoting use of the n-word.

  • Malcolm

    @Tastey. Yes, only 2 billion claim to be Christians, but Jesus said that not everyone who claims to follow and believe in Him actually has saving faith in Him and will see the kingdom of God. We can fool people that we believe in Jesus, but God knows our hearts and the state of our relationship with Jesus Christ. At the same time, Jesus Christ has given us signs that reflect whether we trust in Him and have been transformed from darkness into light. That is why we have to examine ourselves and check our hearts daily to see if we truly have faith in and love for Christ.

    Further, yes, Jesus Himself told us that only a relatively few will enter the kingdom of heaven. He said, “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Matthew 7:14). Jesus further said, “I AM the gate; whoever enters through Me will be saved
    (John 10:9).

  • Cam


    Malcom, Give me a break, the number of people declaring themselves as being part of religions in the U.S. is going down. They are going down because of hypocrites like you. People that lie and say things like “Jesus said….” When in fact he didn’t. People who pick out a bigoted portion of the Bible but ignore every other rule that is inconvenient to them.

    You keep on thinking that you’re going to heaven because you hate yourself.

  • Cam

    @Mr. Robertson:

    The fact of the matter is, all you folks that come on and say that the gays on here are being hateful only works if you think being gay is something awful.

    Frankly, I think it’s a compliment to Tebow to think he might be gay.

    And it’s idiotic to think that his behavior is in now way significant. If you are in another country, can you recognize Americans? Of course. Are you right 100% of the time? No, sometimes you get mixed up with a Canadian. But are you right 90% of the time? Sure.

    To say that gays can’t recognize possible gay behavior is ridiculous.

  • nikko

    @Shannon1981: Amen, well said, Shannon. Perfect.

  • nikko

    @Cam: @Shannon1981: Amen, well said, Shannon. Perfect.

  • nikko

    @Cam: Right on, CAM! I find your comments brutally honest and accurate.

  • todd

    HAAAA! I just re-watched the first video interview and he said he was pretty hard off and had vertical contact against them! I want vetical, horizontal, upside down contact against him! My mom loves this guy…so he would make as great date to take home to my mom. I think he’s HHHHOOOOTTTTT! If he is gay then he may actually open more doors evangelicaly than any one I can think of in the recent past. Did I mention I think he’s hot?

  • Queer Supremacist

    Maybe that’s why he can’t throw.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy mental sex with our oppressors? Good God, you call gays self-hating for having political views to the right of Stalin but you have sexual fantasies about someone who is probably deeply homophobic and made an ad for a hate group? He’s not that good-looking either.

    @Price Waterhouse: Don’t be an L7, daddy-o.

  • todd

    @todd: Hi, I still think he’s hot. Is there a twelve step which can help stop lusting after this guy?

  • Sid

    Well, I hope he’s gay. Not because it would be any bash on Christianity. I’m gay and Christian after all. However, He’s hotter than a snow cone in Phoenix! The sad part would be if he is hiding it. Closets are for clothes not people. If he’s gay I hope he feels safe to come out sooner than later.

  • KyleW

    @Sid: How does that little saying even make sense? :-)

  • He BGB

    Funny this article I noticed about Tebow this morn because last nite I watched him on his new tv show about house renovations or whatever they’re doing and I had only seen him, never heard his voice and my gay dar shot up when he spoke. Don’t know about his hands but he has a “gay” voice. He wears a lavender skin tight knit shirt and obviously works put like crazy. Do straight guys do that ? My suspicions are that he is like so many closet cases where religion and parents keep them fighting being gay like Tyler Perry. They truly believe their religious doctrine and also donot want to disappoint mom and or dad who are also tres.religious.

  • He BGB

    I had a friend in school that everybody called gay and f*g and other words,he was extremely religious, pentecostal, and was obsessed with religion. Looking back I think he was fighting being gay with religion. He said “divine” alot nut was not using it in a religious context. Like some article of clothing was divine. Uh, hello?

  • He BGB

    Now I’ve watched the video. And read the other comments. So it’s not just me. He does have a gay voice. He does wear gay shirts. And now he has girly hands. How divine!

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