Does Tim Tebow Have Taylor Lautner-Style Gay Hands?

The quality of this video is for shit, but you’d have to be Helen Keller—or Michele Bachmann—not to see the flames radiating from Bronco’s QB Tim Tebow’s flailing wrists.

And we thought Taylor Lautner’s had limp hinges!

Now before you get your Andrew Christians in a bunch, we’re not saying Tebow is gay—or that limp wrists are a telltale sign of one’s sexuality. But if we can tease a spokesman for Focus on the Family, you know we’re gonna.

Sorry you blew it at Saturday’s AFC playoff, Tim. Maybe you ought to start praying to the guy downstairs, like we do.

How else did we get cameras to capture this tender kiss between Tebow and Tony Joiner back in 2007?