Dolce and Gabbana Do It Again

We had so much fun with yesterday’s post on Dolce & Gabbana‘s controversial “gang rape” advert, that we just had to find some more images from the current campaign. As you can see, the Italian designing duo have tapped some of the world’s most attractive men, including Matt Loewen, Evandro Soldati (on Lowen’s shoulders) and Brazilian model, Miro Moreira. Even if you’ve seen them before, they’re definitely worth a second look…




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  • Rowen

    Hrm. Maybe it’s just me, but super skinny, coked up bitches who have scary cheeks, 8 packs, and jutting hip bones . . . just aren’t sexy to me. Hell, the ones with shaved heads look like Holocaust survivors in expensive clothing, and ALL of them look overly airbrushed.

  • Kevin

    Airbrushed? Duh! for the sake of this advertising they’re made to look almost like mannequins. Very effective. But the sexiness of these guys transcends the staged setting. It achieves 2 things. 1) I wanna fuck around with these guys and 2) I wanna buy some of the clothes.

  • Gregg

    Why do the gay blogs keeps pushing D&G? Gabbana has been dissing gay parents – saying that it’s “cruel” for children to be raised by a same sex couple.

    There are plenty of designers out there with great clothes and hot models, who AREN’T self-loathing homosexuals.

  • nystudman

    I’m in six-packs and all, but these guys are NOT sexy. They’re just lame. they’d get squished like bugs at an Alegria.

  • Kazz

    Very hot, albeit very airbrushed bodies. The fact that they are not muscle bound, but very toned, makes them all the more sexy.

  • xlibris

    The second picture is a riot! It’s like some kind of homo version of those old 40s weird menace pulp mags with the scantily clad women being tortured by mad scientists. Is he being fried or is he getting a tan? is that a whip in the hands of the guy on the left…or is it an electrical cord? Totally nuts.

  • bubba

    I can’t even acknowledge the level of sex appeal. These designer bozos continually assert the notion that fashion glamour is a “whites only” ideal. It’s no wonder that the last ad’s rape scene was no shock to me. At least I didn’t spend more on their merch than the cost of discontinued sunglasses on eBay, which never made it to their coffers anyway.

  • el polacko

    true enough about the odd, self-hating comments in the press of late, but these guys do cook up some images that strike a certain .. uhh.. chord for me. the combo of the fully suited and the speedoed in the third pic .. yowza ! and the sci-fi second one cracks me up while it turns me on.

  • Rowen

    Am I the only gay guy who isn’t attracted to “lean” and smooth? (without, you know, going in the opposite direction with big and hairy) There is no sex appeal in any of these photos for me. (Now the photo up earlier of Gerard Butler in swim trunks, that’s a man to take home)

  • alan brickman

    Sorry..but the “coked out anorexic male prostitute” look doesn’t do it for me…come on queerty…

  • SR

    I love this (and the women’s) campaign, but this time I think the men’s is just legendary. Everything is just perfect–the setting, the casting, everything. They’re really outdone themselves this time. Yes, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but if you don’t like it, it’s not for you.

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