Assume Their Shoppers Feel The Same Way

Dolce & Gabbana Like To Feel Like Superstars

Gay design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana continue to dominate the fashion world. In addition to revamping their London boutique, the former lovers opened a new space here in New York City. As many of you know, however, retail space has evolved considerably over the past few decades. Gone are the box-like rooms and in are architectural dreams, like Comme des Garçons’ womb-like space on 26th street.

Here Dolce and Gabbana talk to Wallpaper about retail’s architectural revolution:

Do you think the design of a retail space is more important nowadays to the customer than it was in previous decades?

SG: The stores’ concept has always been very important. What has changed is the way customers live the shopping experience. If they choose a luxury brand, they don’t look only for high quality, innovation and attention to details, but they also want to enter a dream world and feel like superstars.

Damn straight! Why can’t all shops have the same mentality. Salvation Army, we’re talking to you!