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Don’t Accuse Michigan State Senate Hopeful Leon Drolet Of Loving The Gays, Or He’ll Sue

In Michigan’s Macomb Township, north of Detroit, two Republicans are battling it out to become the party’s nominee for state senator in Tuesday’s primary. Which means Kim Meltzer has gone dirty against Leon Drolet, mass mailing a flyer that makes Drolet looks like he loves those homosexuals. He’s suing.

The mailer has Drolet’s “face superimposed over a rainbow flag, with two male figures holding hands,” relays Click On Detroit. “The accusations are designed to make Drolet, the chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, out to be the ultimate liberal in a conservative primary in Macomb’s Northern District.”

But if you look at Drolet’s voting record, you’ll see he voted in 2003 to repeal a law criminalizing gay sex. “It’s all appalling, but the fact that she claims I want to legalize public sex in restrooms, and introduce legislation to do that, is a flat-out bold-faced lie,” Drolet says. “Completely unsupportable and disgusting.” So on Friday, he filed a defamation lawsuit against Meltzer and campaign consultant Glen Clark. “Unfortunately people are used to last minute smear attacks, or twisting the truth, or even stretching the truth. What Kim Meltzer has done here, is shameless. She’s made up allegations she knows are not true.”

And while it’s always ridiculous to see Republican candidates try to paint their opponents as pro-gay — as a bad thing — kudos to the local news report for calling out lies where they see it.