Downton Abbey’s Gay Storyline is Going To Get Very Dark

XMZWOOjThings are soon going to get very intense for Thomas Barrow, the dashing but scheming underbutler played by actor Rob James-Collier on Downton Abbey. That might seem completely unsurprising as Barrow has already demonstrated a penchant for manipulating and scheming against his coworkers — not to mention that time he was entangled with the hot, but dead Turkish envoy. Still, on the upcoming fifth season of the compulsively watchable British drama, Barrow will “not only question his sexuality but try to change it, with devastating consequences,” according to the Daily Mail. James-Collier told the paper he’s lost sleep over the upcoming storyline which will push his character into an abyss.

“It’s quite a harrowing storyline and I hope it is,” he said. “Because if it isn’t, I haven’t done it justice.There are mornings of those scenes when you haven’t been able to sleep at night because you are so worried about how it will go. Thomas comes right up to the abyss.”

In an interview with Metro, the actor also expressed his excitement about what’s in store for Barrow.

“In this series, because of an event, for the first time he reflects and turns it inwards on himself and questions his sexuality,” he revealed. “Whether or not he would, or could, be happy staying as a homosexual.”

James-Collier added, “He goes on a traumatic path to find out whether he can truly be who he is. It’s quite an emotional story line, and hopefully quite gripping.”

Stay tuned. The new season will premiere later this month in the U.K. and in the U.S. in January.