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A Dozen Burly Bakers Want To Show You Something Sweet In 2017

2017 Burly Bakers Wall Calendar

They’re burly. They’re bakers. And they’re serving up burlesque bootyliciousness (?) in this 2017 Burly Bakers Wall Calendar.


Get whisked away to an alternate universe where swarthy men and groany puns are the order of the day. And you can ogle guilt-free, since each sale benefits Open Hand Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that feeds needy men, women, and children in the metro Atlanta area.

See them rise seductively out from behind piles of flaky, mouthwatering croissants: 


Lick your lips salaciously as they push racks of freshly baked crullers in your direction with the full force of their biceps: 


Seethe as they make a mess out of your perfectly pristine kitchen with a bunch of cake frosters, which don’t come cheap…?!  


Recover your ruggedness as they… actually, we’re not sure what’s going on here. Oven frottage? Last-ditch attempt to rescue arms lost to smoothie prep mishap…? 


Actually, neither. Just cooking up a fresh vat of mama’s world-famous noisome stew:


To order in time for the holidays, head over HERE.

2017 Burly Bakers Wall Calendar