Drag Performer Viciously Attacked As Crowd Watches And Encourages Fight

Glum1While customers in a Washington, D.C. restaurant watched, cheered and filmed, drag performer Heidi Glüm sustained multiple injuries during a violent and bloody attack on June 22 which the victim described as “really petty drunk girl nonsense that escalated into insanity.”

Glüm, whose real name is Miles DeNiro, told Queerty that female patrons of Manny & Olgas, a popular D.C. pizzeria, approached him and made derogatory comments about his makeup and shoes.

“The Latino girl was touching my face telling me I needed to blend my makeup while her African-American friend was trying to bully me for wearing Christian Louboutin heels.”

The victim said he has “three large bumps and a huge gash” on his head, as well several cuts on his arms. He also noted that he’s suffered hair loss, which continues “to come out in clumps when I touch it.”

Queerty watched the video on YouTube before it was taken down and replaced with the message “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.” It’s indeed filled with disturbing images and sounds. At the :31 mark in the video, someone can clearly be heard saying “beat her ass” though it’s unknown to whom the order is directed. And after it’s over DeNiro is obviously reeling from pain with blood streaming down his face.

Where was the restaurant staff during the melee? DeNiro told Queerty they remained behind the counter working and ignored the fight. In the video one employee appeared to push his way past the throng of onlookers to carry on with his delivery duties. Equally disturbing is the glee with which the restaurants patrons watched and even encouraged the fight. Some pulled out smart phones to film the fracas and one repeatedly yells “World Star,” a hip-hop-oriented website to which he uploaded the video with the pejorative “tranny” used in the title, rather than trying to break it up. DeNiro said he believes the two men who actually tried to stop the fight rushed in from outside the restaurant.

DeNiro said he didn’t file a police report immediately after the altercation and that he had been “waiting for a video to surface to help support my case. I saw a multitude of phones capturing it while I was being attacked, and only found the video a few hours ago.” He did, however, comment on the fight on his Twitter account with the following tweets:



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  • Slimmie Slimm

    Miles Deniro (Heidi Glum) is an amazing person and performer. He did NOT deserve this. Noone deserves this. As for his Tweets afterwards you have to put yourself in his situation before you can judge what he said. He was at home cleaning blood out of his hair and hair falling out of his head and whatever other lumps he had gotten that night. He couldn’t beat on them the way they beat on him because he realized he is a male and they are females so he was able to restrain himself. His comment was all he had at that moment and he was hurt and angry and needed to vent about what had just happened to him. I don’t think any of that have never been through what he went through can rightfully judge him for what he choose to say afterwards because we don’t know what he was feeling. He wasn’t lashing out at the entire black community. He was lashing out at the 2 women that accosted him and most of us do the same thing when people offend and hurt us, we find the most hateful and meanest thing we can say about that person and say it out of Frustration and anger. I do strongly believe if that had been 2 overweight white females then his tweet would have said “I dont hit Fat Trailer Trash hoes'” but it happened to be 2 black women and the most derogatory thing to say out of frustration is what he chose to say. Having personally known Miles for almost 10 years I have never seen him post that word before. I also never seen him get Brutally beaten before either. My well wishes and thoughts are with him to overcome the vicious attack and get back to being the amazing performer and person that he is and I could care less about what he said after such a painful experience.

  • that_dude247

    Sadly, not many people care that a drag queen got beaten up. And really don’t care about the tweets.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    More Sharon Needles drama. Why did his friends just stand there holding their takeout and not even call 911? I saw the video. They were chanting “Worldstar” from the beginning. (albeit you can’t see the beginning of the dispute). The video is still up on Worldstar.

    Yes it WAS drunk gurl nonsense that escalated, he got that part right.

  • Dywane

    the Place where it happened should be sued as they could have called police as you have an expectation of being safe in their establishment and you need to press charges against these bitches

  • mcdfishfilla

    I felt sorry for him until I read his ignorant twitter comments. Just because 1 black woman and 1 Latino woman kicks your butt doesn’t give you the right to use racial epithets like we time traveled back to 1950. I could think of a ton of epithets to call a transgender latino drag queen but I know it would make me look like a donkey.

  • NotStr8Acting

    Just a case of the black and latino community attacking us. Nothing more. And EVERY recent hate crime against our community has been by these two demographics. What I fascinating is these two communities can call us r acist YET THEY ARE MURDERING US IN OVERWHELMING NUMBERS….How many LGBT of EVERY color has been HURT MURDERED AND ATTACKED by black and latino demographic? A overwhelming amount! I’M SICK OF US BEING MUZZLED ABOUT THIS! Enough is enough! Homophobia is a HUGE problem within the black and latino community and anyone who has ever gone on twitter or instragram for longer than 5 minutes and seen rants by an overwhelming latino and black posters knows it. SICK OF THE POLITICIAL CORRECTNESS while our lives are being ruined

  • Scott Johansen

    Nothing will unfortunately happen. Because the women are ethnic minorities and they attacked an LGBT, their ethnic minority status will always trump LGBT, they’ll get preferential treatment especially in D.C where crimes against LGBT are a common occurrence and hardly ever get treated with justified consequences against the hate mongers. They’ll pull the race card, black LGBT in the city will stand by the woman (because they didn’t attack a black gay man, and black LGBT will always choose skin color over violent homophobia, hence siding with the women) and we all have to pretend the elephant in the room isn’t noticed. Even as story after story confirms who has a militant, violent hatred against our community, of all stripes and coloring. But since skin color trumps sexuality in public dialogue, this will not be treated as the hate crime it is.

  • mcdfishfilla

    Matthew Sheppard
    The recent Kentucky Hate Crime Relatives

    couple examples that prove that blacks and Latinos aren’t the only ones killing our LGBT brothers and sisters…don’t hide your true nature behind the ramblings of a beaten drag queen.

    In fact, in this very article a Latino LGBT member was attacked and yet you just insulted Latinos with your very comment.

    Hate crimes are committed by individuals that lack understanding and grace. Bringing race into this topic shows a tremendous lack of class.

  • lab

    my christian loubitin heel would have been sticking out of the beeotches head

  • Reality101

    You just gotta step back and love this double standard, and I say this as a Puerto Rican Lebanese who is as ethnic as ethnic gets, but damn. This is hilarious to me.
    A group of Latino and black kids, as confirmed from witnesses, approach a ga dude minding his own business. They start belittling him for what he’s wearing, who he is, and his sexuality. They then call him out of his name, beat him, trash him, make him bleed, from the face and chest, while everyone laughs, and said gay person attacked naturally, humanely reacts seconds later on his twitter page calling them a slur, and the entire narrative is trying to be changed by black gays to ignore and overlook the overt homophobia here and turn this into yet ANOTHER case of playing the raace card. You just gotta sit baclk and appreciate the irony here of how calculating and messy some people can be in their quest to overlook homophobia so they can bring the spotlight to THEIR agenda.
    No this is a case of some ratchet btches approaching a stranger for being gay. I lived in Georgetown and dealt with it every day in D.C by messy btches like this. Homophobic, hood rat twats. The MINUTE you lay a hand on me, all PC, diplomatic, mother Teresa, Miss America “world peace” behavior is out the door and you’re getting a taste of your own ignorant medicine. I was good enough to call a f-g? You’re good enough to get called a few slurs too.
    Put that tired, played out race card away. You will NOT use it to manipulate and bully the gay community when you are the instigator in the situation. I don’t play when it comes to homophobia and I’m not on the United Nations panel. You come after me, when unwarranted, and your face, race, and place will ALL be assaulted.

  • that_dude247

    @Reality101: You sound foolish. This drag queen made her situation worse by going on twitter using the n-word. The n-word is associated with more deaths, rapes, beatings or what have you that any other word in American history. By the way, what is this “gay community” you are talking about? Yet another myth.

  • Scott Johansen

    @Reality101: Wow. You nailed it. Poignant, honest and sincere. Moreover, my most intriguing factor in this discussion is how black gay men can take their observations of our reactions on the net of being disproportionately attacked by straight black men, and call us r acist for just expressing our factual observations. So to rehash. Black people reading about personal experiences of violence we have endured by black community is us being r acist, but them making sweeping generalizations about the entire gay community being r acist is not homophobic? They are using their personal experiences to brand us with a prejudice label yet we can’t use our personal experiences to even discuss in honesty the prejudice we deal with by their community?
    This is a perfect example of how race is treated vs homophobia in society and how those who demand the most justice for their race are often the least likely to not show absolute hatred for LGBT. And sadly, this can be most observed by black gay men. And they wonder why there’s a detachment between Asian, Caucasian, middle eastern, latino, jewish gay men and black gay men? Maybe perhaps because black gay men are on a mission to always ignore & defend homophobia when exhibited by their community but be first in line to highlight all their perceived negativity of the gay community? Not really helping abolish the notion that their community isn’t heavily homophobic when even they themselves never, ever see matters from the LGBT angle. Ever.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @that_dude247: The gay community is a thriving community full of pride, rainbows, embracing of sexuality. Unlike the DOWN LOW community you are surely part of drenched in thugery, idolization of hyper masculinity no different than a form of drag, listening to music drenched in homophobia, and a community filled with religious influence (never actually practiced, though, just cherry picked to pick on gays). You think we’re foolish? You think we don’t know about the homophobia from the African American gay community? Please. We all discuss it in private. And no, not just white gays. Asian as a mother effer proud Filipino here and we know you black gays constantly bash fem Asian gays with you internalized homophobia. We all know your true colors. We all know every single one of you have and would throw the LGBT community under the bus to appease your church, your street cred or your family. We all know you resent nothing more than a visible, thriving, prominent gay community that is loud and open and you find threatening, for whatever irrational BS reasons, to your group. You see LGBT equality as taking away from the black platform. Taking time, resources, attention away from you. Baby, we’re not going anywhere. That gay community is more exposed and visible and talked about today than ever before. You can’t open a magazine, or television show, or movie without seeing a PROUD gay man there.
    Keep being the homophobes you all have shown yourselves to be. You’re only isolating yourself from the gay community who knows not to trust you all, and the black hetero community who think being gay is the white mans heathen disease. Gee, guess y’all pised everybody OFF ad are now in your own little isolated, alienated world. Good luck with that!

  • that_dude247

    @Scott Johansen: “And they wonder why there’s a detachment between Asian, Caucasian, middle eastern, latino, jewish gay men and black gay men? Maybe perhaps because black gay men are on a mission to always ignore & defend homophobia when exhibited by their community but be first in line to highlight all their perceived negativity of the gay community?”

    Another ridiculous comment. So you really think you can speak for all those gay men? There is a detachment between black and latino gay men? Really? That’s news to me. You guys are full of it. It was nice of you to try though.

  • Reality101

    @that_dude247: Uhhh yeah, latino here. Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Colombian gay friends all over me and yeah we DON’T appreciate how we have to defend being a double minority to you all as if you own the term equal rights. Sit down. You don’t. Playing up what happened to your ancestors ages ago to justify your homophobia today ain’t winning the latino community over. A community that is definitely more supportive and accepting of LGBT than black peeps. Like we have to lie about that?

  • that_dude247

    @Reality101: Another dumb comment. So you a “latino”, so you speak for all latinos? Sit down. I live hear in NY, I know how that goes. Just remember w/o black civil rights, there is no gay or latino civil rights in this country. I know you prideful latinos hate admit that, but it’s true. Why do you other minority groups think blacks are trying to win you over? We don’t care. The eternal struggle will always be white vs. black. Whether gay or straight. Remember blacks and whites built the country that your people voluntarily left your own homeland to live in…right? So please stop with the trying to win you over BS.

    If you don’t think blacks are of supportive of LGBT issues, who cares?

  • that_dude247

    @NotStr8Acting: I apologize for your bashing by my black brothers. I have tons of Asian gay friends. Now they are masculine like me, but they don’t go around bashing fem guys. They are just cool gay men, like me. As a matter of fact, one went down to Miami black gay pride with me this year. BTW, blacks do not feel isolated lol.

    I would advise you not to get on these boards trying to speak for all gay Asians, you sound ridiculous. As far as your private conversations? We don’t care. Now unless there is a central gay authority you are a member of, then keep having your private conversations.

    Also, don’t pretend that there are no issues within the Filipino gay community. It’s just not enough of you in America to get all worked up about.

  • niles

    Bitch fight! lol

  • dvsBTM


  • Reality101

    @that_dude247: Blacks and whit built this country and Latinos just came over? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me with that messy ish. No the CHICANO MOVEMENT was instrumental in building America. You’re both homophobic AND prejudice. No surprise there. Bet a proud baptist too. Funny thing about America being built, I don’t see latinos on the street corners begging for money. On welfare. On food stamps. On every entitlement program. We may not all be documented but you better believe we actually know what WORK is and value it. Homie you just keep on defending homophobes cuz they share your skin color, stay out the history topics. You’ll get schooled.

  • Shadeaux

    Everytime I read the comments, it always seems like a black and white incident. If someone comes and beat you down for no reason.., just because you’re there. They split that girls head! She can call them whatever the fvk she wants. She is mad and she was slighted, hurt, and angry and just like EVERYONE who feels like that, she lashed out. I wouldn’t apologize either and I AM BLACK. Some of you take this race thing to a whole new stratosphere and it’s not that serious.

  • RafsDad

    I had sympathy until I read the tweet using the N word. The apology fell on deaf ears because there is never a reason to justify using the word. Regardless of how dumb, ignorant and stupid the a$$hole attackers are, calling them ni%^$rs puts you all in the same cesspool. Could it be that because you let that word slip during the altercation that you got your ass beat??

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    Excuse me for pointing out the obvious but what is a “DRAG Performer ” doing in a bar and grill dressed as a female ? I mean Drag is a performance art and as such he should have left it on the stage and not ventured out dressed as what he isn’t a women. I’m not saying that the two perpetrators where right to pick a fight or to beat up this guy but cis people have opinions and it’s obvious from watching the video that the main complaint of these two women was ” thats a man ! ” It is in my view just another case of someone trying to break societies gender boundaries and being confronted by two women who felt threaten by this.

    It also came to my attention that despite what Miles DeNiro said he in fact did fight back and thus I feel sure this is why he’s not pressing charges as he knows he could be charged as well. He can clearly be seen throwing punches and at one point he’s on top on the black girl punching her in the face before the latin girl drag him off by his hair. I think fighting back was justified it’s a clear case of a man hitting a women which in our society is a big NO NO !!

    So the lesson to be learned here is if your a man who likes to dress as a women remember you do so at your own risk as there are those who will respond violently even if thats wrong…so boys leave the frock at home.

  • that_dude247

    @Reality101: “I don’t see latinos on the street corners begging for money. On welfare. On food stamps. On every entitlement program.”

    LMAO. I don’t wait to make this into a black vs. latino, but don’t lie. If you visit any social services office in Los Angeles or New York, guess who it is filled with trying to get their food stamps, welfare and entitlements? Latinos. Why do you think right-wingers are fighting so hard against illegal immigration? Are you prejudice against your own people?

    “Funny thing about America being built, I don’t see latinos on the street corners begging for money.”

    Are you serious? Or blind? Don’t be naive. Just ride a subway in NY or stand on any corner in midtown, and you can speak to the beggars in Spanish. Or how about the street hustlers? What about the prison populations in LA?

    “No the CHICANO MOVEMENT was instrumental in building America.”

    No, the Chicano was not instrumental in building America. “The Chicano Movement of the 1960s, also called the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, also known as El Movimiento, is an extension of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement which began in the 1940s with the stated goal of achieving Mexican American empowerment.” Do you know when blacks started fighting for their rights?

    “The most prominent civil rights organization in the Mexican-American community is the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), founded in 1968…. modeled after the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.”

    I don’t want get into a US History discussion with you, because I will put you to shame. So, please don’t get on here talking nonsense.

    BTW, I am far from prejudice.

  • NativeNYC

    As a gay man I feel I’ve had to fight a bit harder to convey that there is more to me than my sexuality. As an African-American man I’ve definitely had to fight harder, to people of all races, especially my own, to show that I am more than the color of my skin. My human experience is different from literally every other person on the face of this planet and being lumped into a category with everybody who shares my skin color is incredibly frustrating. I know generalizing is just something we do but some of these comments stretch belief. I have seen Latinos on street corners begging for money as someone said they don’t see and not a single one of my African-American or Latino friends are on any sort of assisted living program. Somebody else said “We all know every single one of you [black people] have and would throw the LGBT community under the bus to appease your church, your street cred or your family.” Firstly, “every single one of you”? Sweeping generalization. And I am not a religious person and my reasons have nothing to do with sexuality. My street cred? Not all black people are concerned about credibility among their “street” friends and my family supports me and my boyfriend (who is Caucasian and from the other side of the planet) so please, let’s look at people as the individuals we are.

    The word “community” keeps being mentioned and a community is made up of individuals. How can we be a community if we’re internally ripping each other apart and pitting each other against both homo and heterosexuals? Are there issues within the black community when it comes to homosexuality? Sure, but there are issues in every ethnic group concerning the same thing aren’t there?

    And since this comment is in a thread concerning a specific story, it saddens me that these sort of ignorant attacks happen with such frequency in today’s world, especially to people who are simply minding their business. The ignorance of the attackers is not racial, it’s situational. There is a difference. What’s also quite sad is that this sort of thing, which is NOT “always” by African-Americans or Latinos, brings out such racism/prejudice from some people. I don’t love that Miles used the “N-word” but I won’t deny him his right to do so, especially in this instance. I’m sure his attackers weren’t concerned about slinging homophobic remarks. I’ll never understand standing around and recording something like this and subsequently having to rewatch it in order to post it to social media sites.

  • Bee Gaga

    @Reality101: Yeah you do got to love this because you’re just as ignorant as her as someone pointed out to your foolish self that word has a lot more history not to mention last time I checked she said a black AND LATINA person so why the hell you saying the n-word was there not a spic/wetback in the mix too? Oh ok, right! Furthermore, I felt sorry at first but after what she said I’m like you know what I hope those girls beat her ass again

  • Bee Gaga

    @Reality101: The funny thing is how ignorant you are first off latino isn’t a race it’s an ethnicity filled with people of all race including a large percentage of which are black. Secondly oh honey those same negative stereotypes you use for the black community can definitely be applied to the latino community, not on welfare? Oh honey check the statistics. Not on street corners selling drugs? Check the statistics. Entitlement programs and everything you named little boy…maybe you should go back to school because you’re f***ing stupid

  • Bee Gaga

    @that_dude247: Honey just leave them alone him the little asian fool and most of the people on here are as ignorant as can be, you can’t educate fools…they don’t get it

  • Bee Gaga

    @NativeNYC: You said that so nicely and I agree with you. But the gotcha is the attackers were a BLACK WOMAN AND LATINA WOMAN so clearly the performer saying N*****S is definitely indicative of what kind of person she is.

  • Bee Gaga

    @NotStr8Acting: Girl shut up you sound so damn stupid. You like to make sweeping generalisations well honey two can play at that ignorant game not only was everything you said false but also the last person we’re going to take “advice” from is from some asian queens who constantly have their head up any and every white man’s ass they can find, you want to talk about internalized hate honey? Look at your community, not ours! Point at someone..how does that saying go…three more fingers pointing back at you, right? Right!

  • eatconsciously

    Fight violence with disgusting and blatant racism… nice.

  • im2bused

    Is this the 70’s? Call the cops! Don’t Txt or tweet, that’s …foolish.
    I don’t understand how an adult would get beaten and not
    call the F’n police!
    Forget the patrons, the restaurant staff etc. WE as a community,
    KNOW we have to watch our own backs.

    I am mystified

  • that_dude247

    @Bee Gaga: Haha. I was trying to nice to the little Asian queen by biting my tongue, but you said it. LMAO.

  • Crankycub

    People shouldn’t be beaten up for being gay, transgendered or in drag. However people shouldn’t be using the N-word no matter how angry or hurt they are. Just like people shouldn’t say Faggot. People should know better by 2013. My heart is with Heidi but two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • mlbumiller

    if you are going to act like a ni**er, then you can be called out like one…..

    another thing… why does it seem ok to call ppl a faggot, nazi, spick, wetback,beaner, chink, cracker, gook, goy, gringo, jap, kraut, pollock, wop etc. but god f****ing forbid we used the ni**er? ppl come out of the grave

    if the black community doent want it used, then they should stop using it!

  • mlbumiller

    and by the way,,,, typing out Ni**ger gets your post blocked, but all the other slurs are allowed…… makes a lot of f’n sense.

  • that_dude247

    @mlbumiller: The n-word doesn’t personally bother me, I’m too young. But when I look at the faces of my grandparents, granduncles and grandaunts and hear their stories, and knowing what they and their parents had to endure in this country, then you damn right that word better not be said in my presence.

    If you can’t comprehend the struggles of African-Americans in this country, and the meaning behind the n-word, then shut the hell up.

  • ecllips

    @that_dude247: “BTW, I am far from prejudice” Lies, everything you say is prejudice. “The eternal struggle will always be white vs. black” What eternal struggle?? You can speak for yourself, but don’t speak for the entire white and black communities. So if you are having a “Eternal struggle with white vs. black” then that’s fine, that’s your own personal issue to deal with and work out. However, it is not a struggle that the entire white and black communities deal with.You are making hasty generalizations. My foster brother and sister are both black, and I am white(oh I guess that means you hate me now). We love each other, there is no “eternal struggle” between us. Their only “eternal struggle” is forgiving their parents for choosing drugs and their “black brothers” as you so put it, over them.

    Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/drag-performer-viciously-attacked-as-crowd-watches-and-encourages-fight-20130624/#ixzz2XG4FwnE6

  • B Damion

    @that_dude247…..I completely agree. Being an African-American myself I was brought up with those same stories that_dude247 and I see the same faces at home. I had to accept that these painful stories of the past are apart of our legacy just like the beatiful kink in my hair, the fullness of my lips and the natural pigments in my dark skin.

    But..it’s not some much the “N”-word. Because it is after all just a word. It’s the powerful hurt behind it. The kind of hurt that heidi is well aware of. Isn’t that the very reason why it is used. It’s an awful awful thing that happened to heidi and I wish i was there to be that one still resonating voice to say “no stop this isn’t right just let him be”.

    But I can understand being hurt and feeling so angry that you want the person that hurt you to feel the same pain they left you with. But Crankycub is right. “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

  • ChiChi Man

    The posts on this thread is depressing as hell. Why so many (poorly written) comments on race?

  • ChiChi Man

    The posts on this thread are depressing as hell. Why so many (poorly written) comments on race?

  • Tackle

    @Bee Gaga: LMAO… great response. You let theme have it.. And of course she’s not gonna press charges. Because she was fighting back (which is ok to defined ones self) but something in the videos that she reveles about herself that I’m sure that she would just want this to go away. She tells one of the girls that because she was exposed to her (Hedi Glum’s) blood, the girl just exposed herself to AIDS. If Hedi Glum has AIDS, like SHE said during that fight. She could be in a lot more trouble then those two girls. Now since the whole world knows, if, Im saying if she had sex, and did not disclose that she had HIV/AIDS, she opened herself up to prosecution. And future prosecution if she does not revel her status.

  • mlbumiller

    @that_dude247: now you are acting like a Ni**a yourself so you shut the fuck kup

  • TinoTurner

    As Chris Rock said, his mother taught him that there are black people and then are n-words. This poor person was speaking through their adrenaline and NONE OF YOU have a right to say anything as you were not the one that got beaten in public by two ghetto trash “people”

  • mlbumiller

    using faggot, nazi, spick, wetback,beaner, chink, cracker, gook, goy, gringo, jap, kraut, pollock, wop… are just as bad but they have never been taken out of written and common speach to the extent as ni88er has. case in point… can use them here but cant ni88er. tired of hearing how your ppl suffered… other groups have suffered too ger over it and move on.

    also, i had worked in a department where i was one of two white guys with 10 black, and 8 asians. they all thought it was just fine to keep colling me pollock, no one would do a damn thing. so the next time the balck bitch call out hey pollock, i replied hey what ni88er…. shit hit the fan. told my commanding officer i would continue to call her a ni88er as long as she kept calling me a pollock (he was also black). he saw my point.

  • Teleny

    @NotStr8Acting: True to a degree. I think we need to focus on better education. It’s difficult to the influence of the black church as an anti-glbt bloc. In the long run, I think education, and peer pressure will be our best bet in combatting hate in those communities.

    Don’t cite Instagram and Twitter posts while ignoring the white Republicans ranting about us behind screen names on Yahoo news, etc.

    Truth behold there’s a thin veneer of straight allies, but if you start digging underneath you will find the same hatred simmering for us regardless of race or class.

  • that_dude247

    @mlbumiller: Dude, no one cares about your personal excuses to use the n-word. If you want to use the word, then have fun. You sound extremely bitter, maybe you need some penis.

  • Twan

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: So in other words, by challenging society’s notions of masculinity and femininity, he was inevitably asking for it? Similarly, the African Americans exercising their right to vote in a hostile nation was “asking for” being lynched, harassed, and humiliated. Or women who wear “skimpy” clothes are asking for men to harass and assault them. I’m not following your logic. People fear what they don’t understand. However, that does not give them the right to attack those who do not express the same norms as they. Your comments, well intentioned I’m assuming, are distressing and heartbreaking.

  • duhhhh

    called them* (or used the term*)

  • that_dude247

    @ecllips: What the hell are you talking about? I have never said I hate white people. I don’t hate anyone. My point was that overall, there will always be an eternal struggle for the black race and white race to get along, especially in this country. All you have to do is look at the reactions of Supreme Court ruling today.

  • Twan

    The comments in this thread are more heartbreaking, trifling, and asinine than what was read in the article. In an over-developed nation, we are ghastly underdeveloped in understanding people who are not like “us” – whatever that means. Learn to channel that anger into something productive and educate in real life instead of commenting hateful, unproductive words on an article thread. The time for talking is done. If you can’t say it in real life, don’t say it at all.

  • duhhhh

    “As Chris Rock said, his mother taught him that there are black people and then are n-words. This poor person was speaking through their adrenaline and NONE OF YOU have a right to say anything as you were not the one that got beaten in public by two ghetto trash “people””

    Exactly. He used the term n!gger because they were acting like n!ggers. If they were redneck fu(king white trash, he would have called them redneck fu(king white trash. Get the fuck over it. Or take a walk through a ghetto fu(king neighborhood as a visible lgbt person if you think that your PC fu(king boring ass language politics mean shit. Fu(k off.


  • rescue_ninja81

    Have those two bitches come to me – I would’ve bashed their heads right against the wall after breaking their arms. I’d gladly go to jail as long as they’re incapacitated. :-D

  • skcord

    I am down right shocked by these comments! Ignorance is ignorance, whether coming from two ill-behaved ghetto malcontents or from a gay drag performer. The actions of these two women is appalling, but it also doesn’t justify or excuse hate-speech. For every minority who commits an act of hate against a gay person there is another minority on the side of right fighting for gay rights, equality and acceptance. If she had called them ugly b*tch*s or stupid c*un*s it would have hurt just them, the people who deserve scorn. However, when you use those racial epithets you hurt everyone, the attackers AND those people of color who would otherwise be on his side, who don’t deserve that hurt. Sadly, most of all he is hurting himself, because now he will constantly be judged by his momentary lack of common sense and civility. What is even more disheartening and shocking is that rather than rallying around a gay person who was physically and emotionally hurt, we commentators turn this into a flame war about race. WE ARE ALL GAY! Why is that never enough? We always fall back on this hetero normative idea of categorizing and compartmentalizing each other. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!

  • Brian

    A lot of you have made comments about the race of the attackers but you’ve failed to mention the common denominator – they are both women. Women tend to be very prejudiced against gay men and drag queens. Women are extremely homophobic overall.

  • Dr. Dick

    @NativeNYC: Thank you for having a brain AND a soul! (unless most of these petty queens)

  • Bee Gaga

    @Brian: That complete bs statistics show that women are more accepting of gay men and drag queens and more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to be in support of gay marriage. Hell all one has to do is look at LGBT assaults and see that the vast majority of which are by heterosexual men NOT women

  • Bee Gaga

    Four things after having watched the video again. A. I would have just left no need to argue with people who don’t mean shit to you. B. I understand they were all up in her face so she felt threatened but she did SPIT on the black girl first which is the most disrespectful disgusting thing you can do to someone and thus prompted both of the girls to start attacking her. C. If a bitch spit in MY face I would have beat her ass to so ms glum whomever the hell you are you deserved that for spitting in someone’s face. And D. You need new friends! You don’t have to jump in the fight but when your girl is getting taunted and then later JUMPED by two people the very least you could do is attempt to break it up not sit there on a bench and stand by the exit with a pizza.

  • Bee Gaga

    @duhhhh: No that isn’t true because only one of the girls was black the other girl was latina so the fck you talking bout? Last time I checked “n!ggers” back in the early 20th century weren’t attacking white people or anyone for that matter in fact it was the other way around so they were not acting like “n!gges” only a complete dumbass (case and point) would think and/or say such a thing. Not to mention of most of the high profile cases of LGBT people being murdered and/or tortured it has generally been white men so sure the black/latino community may assault people like us but y’all the ones killing people like us.

  • Bee Gaga

    @mlbumiller: No other group has suffered as much or for as long as black people in this country so either you’re ignorant and/or stupid judging by your previous comments I would say a little of both. Those words aren’t blocked out a. because they don’t have the same history nor the same historical and hateful impact. b. the black community rallied against that word and thus made it such as it is now when the gays, mexicans, lations, jews, italians, white people in general, japanese, asians, etc. do that as well to the extent that we have then those words would be blocked in a forum like this too, but to suggest that one can simply go around saying those words is completely ridiculous and again gives credence to you being stupid and/or ignorant.

  • Brian

    Women encourage men to bash gays – it’s a well-known fact. Women hide behind men, basically.

  • William

    @mcdfishfilla: So basically what you’re getting at is its okay to beat a man and call him a faggot so long as he tweets a racial pejorative about it afterwords.

  • koverme

    such immense ignorance and hate in the world… it makes me sick to my stomach. and to read all of these hateful comments on all of these threads- it’s deplorable that after hundreds of years of misunderstanding each other, LGBTQ, black, white, latino, asian, straight etc, we have not yet learned how to truly have a civil dialogue about the deep seeded hatred and ignorance that many seem to harbor against others different from themselves. as a black gay man i am horrified at what these sad sad women did to Heidi (who herself is a gay man of color and a drag performer), and i am not surprised nor am i upset that she used a racial epithet after she was brutally assaulted. i hope these women and the bystanders who stood and instigated are tried for their heinous crimes. i had just hoped that we as a people, and by that i mean the human race, really looked deep within ourselves and questioned our own ignorance before using this disgusting crime as an excuse to spew out hateful and ignorant garbage.

  • erics

    Even sadder than watching the video is reading these comments. All this racism and gender normativity and bickering makes me loose hope in our future as *people*. Racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, etc. are all wrong and horrible and we should denounce all of them. Trying to use one to combat another will just feed the cycle of hate.

  • Tackle

    @Teleny: Strange that you would mentioned the Black church as being anti GLBT and having hate. You are so misinformed. Yet you conveniently leave out the Mormon Church. The Catholic Church. The Church of Scientology.The Southewren Baptist. All of these, majority White. And if you can recall, Raised millions, upon millions to defeat prop-8 in 2004. All combined, over 40 million dollars. Mormon Church (20 million) Catholic (spent over 10 million) Scientology (10 million) S. Baptist (over 4 million). And you want us to believe that only the Black church is against us. And starting in 2002, had thousands of foot soldiers on the ground getting support to defeat prop-8. How much money did the Black church raise?? So insignificant and small, not much to make a difference. Besides when the is anti, it is Black GLBT people who bare the brunt of it. Not White GLBT folks. The money that was spent by the big four affected the lives of all GLBT people. Old & young. Rich & poor. Also the Black church has been around for quiet awhile. But a funny thing. Of all the hundreds if not thousands of Black churches in the US, I have yet to see one or heard of one picketing a funeral of a gay or lesbian person, with signs and chanting, Fags will burn in hell like the Westborp Baptist church…

  • Tackle

    @duhhhh: NY is not the center of the US. And there are many hate crimes that happen every day to members of the GLBT community. Regardless if it happens in NY,OR,NV, UT,AZ,CO,KS,OK,MO,SD,IA,IL,WI,ND,MI,CT or RI. A hate crime is a hate crime. And some recent hate crimes not committed by Blacks, Kevin Pennington in Kentucky & Vivian Diego in LA. And some Legendary names not committed by Blacks:
    Matthew Shepard
    Harvey Milk
    Billy Jack Gaither
    Lawerence King
    Brandon Tina/Tina Brandon: Boys don’t cry
    Berry Winchell: Soldiers storyAngie Zapata
    Satender King:
    I could go on and on, But I’ll stop there.
    And unlike many, I don’t feel sick. Depressed. Sad or disapointed by the comments here. I’m happy that it’s out in the open. If this story would not have been up, with nome of these comments, it would not have changed peoples mindset. We just would have a bunch of rscist walking around within the GLBT community undercover. Now we know we have much work to do in our own community. Better the devel we know then the one we don’t…

  • Scott Johansen

    This whole exchange proves to me black gays will ALWAYS side with a black homophobe. This gay man was targeted, harassed and insulted for being queer. He then was beat for it. Had a gay man approached a black girl and started insulting her for being black SHE ABSOLUTELY WOULD HAVE CALLED HIM ANTI GAY SLURS…..and EVERY one of you black gay homophobes would have said the black girl who was verbally attacked (while minding her own business) has EVERY right to use anti gay slurs because the gay guy who harassed her had it coming.

    With the roles reversed and a gay man minding his own business being attacked by a black girl…..the gay man has to be politically correct and act like mother Teresa. Oh this incident DOES indeed prove one clear thing…..how HOMOPHOBIC the black gay community is. I and MANY people I know all say the black gay community is VIOLANTLY more homophobic than any other demographic, including heterosexuals. THIS exchange above from this incident right here proves why so many of us don’t trust you all. You’d sell a fellow gay person out in a SECOND if they were being gay bashed so long as the attacker shared your skin color. You will ALWAYS choose your skin color over anything else, that includes siding with a homophobic ratchet trash acting girl who starts crap.

    Let this be a lesson to EVERY LGBT who is’t black reading this: This black girl started insulting a gay man for not being himself, attacked him, and he dared call her out of name, and the black gays are throwing the gay man under the bus while PASSIONATELY defending the black homophobe. If you really think there isn’t an unsafe problem with homophobia in the black comment….let these comments serve as an example. Some demographics hate us and want nothing to see our demise!

  • NotStr8Acting

    I love the comment from the black female (obviously straight too)sweetbradigirl2004 that if we gays don’t adhere to the hyper masculine, street culture persona (laid out by straight black men) that we deserve to be beat, attacked, and even murdered. What a way to abolish the idea of homophobia and machismo being present in your culture with comments like that.

    If some ghetto witch approached me like these two homophobic monsters did in the video…..LOL, they would not be living today. Some of us gays don’t play. And we don’t fear going to jail to stand up against homophobia

  • NotStr8Acting

    @Tackle: Work on the violent homophobia within the black community as well. But you won’t. Gay blacks never, ever call out black homophobia. Too cowardly to ever stand up to your own. So the rest of us had enough and we will. We won’t continue getting attacked by your little black church byproducts while remaining silent and you black LGBT encouraging the homophobia.

  • Kangol


    What are you talking about? Black lgbtqs regularly call out black homophobia AND white rac ism. Do YOU call out rac ism, sexism and misogyny among white gay people?

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @NotStr8Acting: Well just to set you straight 1) I’m not black 2) I’m not straight and 3) What I said was is that a drag performer should leave the drag on the stage and not wear it all over town, because then it’s NO Longer drag or art at that point it becomes cross dressing and some people are threaten by that. Knowing that if you choose to do it anyway then hey your taking your chances the same as a non-op trans women does when they flirt with an obviously straight man. Straight men have No interest in a Non-op trans person who has a penis.

    I never said anyone desired to be beaten or hurt so don’t even go there. Likewise i’m sure your a real tuff guy and if someone attacks you you’ll kill them or something. Afterwards you’ll be someone bitch in prison for the rest of your life…good luck with that.

  • mlbumiller

    dont know what city your from, but here in SD the Drag can be all over Hillcrest (gay hood) on a Sat night. Ever stop and think that the Manny & Olgas this occured at was in gay neighborhood?, which by the way most of their location appear to be.

  • hamoboy

    So much [email protected] in the comments. I’d be disappointed, but then again, queerty panders to the demographic of gay people that love Sharon Needles, so that’s to be expected. What these two women did was wrong, what that drag queen said on twitter was wrong. I watched the video, and the drag queens friends that just sit there and record the video were also wrong. Everyone involved in this disaster was wrong.
    So much shittiness, and the comments here confirm the shittiness runs deeper in the community.

  • AlliedJ

    Like a normal person, Jax was scared and uncertain of what to do, and also male, raised not to hit females despite how they act. We all like to think we’d jump into a fight with no thought about our health or future, but sometimes you have to think.

  • AlliedJ

    So, what, the world must bow down to cis people’s opinions about everything? I call BS, especially in America, “land of the free” sweetheart. Why should Heidi have to leave her persona onstage?

  • AlliedJ

    @Bee Gaga:
    If the black community is going to get pissed about the n word, might I suggest not using within the community? It doesn’t mean they own the word, or that they’ve taken it back from the negative connotations of the past; it simply creates an exclusionary barrier between those of the black race and anyone else.
    I live in a predominantly black area. The vast majority of people I interact with are black. And I have met in my life only 5 persons of color who have not used the n word when describing or speaking to another person, regardless of color.

    And here’s a bit of history for everyone: blacks were not the only race enslaved in the world, and not only by whites. Some Africans had others as slaves. Some Africans sold their own people or their tribal enemies to the whites. Some African nations had Portuguese slaves. Yup, white slaves. The Egyptians enslaved the Jewish people. Neither of those groups was predominantly black.

  • hamoboy

    @AlliedJ: “The Egyptians enslaved Jewish people”. Riiight. That totally happened.

    Why are the white and asian gay commenters here demanding that black LGBTs “take a side”? And why are they demanding that it be their side, else they are excommunicated from the gayness? And why do you idiots think repaying homophobia with racism is somehow OK? When we read about homophobia in Uganda or South Africa, commenters here go on and on about homophobia in the “black community” whatever the fuck that means. Yet when homophobia is reported in Russia or Poland, I hear not a peep out of these same usualsuspects about homophobia in the “white community”. WTF is wrong with you people?

    People can be pissed off with these women for beating the drag queen up AND be pissed off with the drag queen for using racial slurs. We’re intelligent grownups, we can see in more colours than black and white, we can chew gum and walk at the same time, and we can recognize and call out shitty behaviour in both sides of the issue.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004


    Why should Heidi have to leave her persona onstage?

    A: Uh that should be obvious to so you don’t get you ass beat or worse get killed. Is dressing in a frock really worth taking a beat down ?

    So, what, the world must bow down to cis people’s opinions about everything ?

    A: They shouldn’t not on everything but it’s important to remember that the cis people out number us by like several billion

    I call BS, especially in America, “land of the free”

    A: You think your “FREE” then try walking in to a deli and urinating on the Cheese.

  • Thejordans

    @AlliedJ: What does the practice of slavery have anything to do with this?

  • sangsue


    So women hate gay men? Really? All women? I’m a woman and I have no hatred for gay men. Or black men. Or Asian men. Or Latino men. Wanna play the generalization game? I’m a bisexual woman and if anything, I could generalize and say that all gay men hate women, ESPECIALLY lesbian women. And all gay men really hate bisexuals. But I won’t do that because I won’t use my experiences to paint anyone with the same broad brush.

  • Jamal

    Those same Black gay bashers that you all seem to think Black LBGT are defending, are the same ones that carry out the same violence on us as well. So you’re all absolutely wrong or just generalizing, I don’t condone it from any race. Frankly I would have kicked both of their a$$es.

  • andy0529

    Sorry Kitty Gurl, your Woe as me nonsense might work on some these readers out in cyberspace but we both know your full of it, 1st) Until February this year I lived around the corner from Manny and Olga’s for 6 years and the only black and Latino people I’ve seen there were me and mixed raced Latino cousin and he’s 1/3 white. That place is packed with white college age males with their dates and surrounded by several gay owned and run business. B) DC’s population is about 42 white, 45 black and 13 Asian/Hispanic there is no more hoods or ghetto’s and white folks have no problem George Zimmermaning a black or brown person. You were out with your boy’s, you shot off your mouth because you were with your kind and got your ass whipped and was probably told my one of those big beefy white boys in that place if you touch a girl they would touch you (and not in a good way). Trust me people GLOV (the openly gay cops) are around the corner ….You played pussy and You got fucked!

  • andy0529

    …..P.S. the only Church’s nearby are Gay, nice try….that area is West Hollywood meets College Station. I have friends like her, she’s loud, she starts a fight, she’s on her own.

  • andy0529

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: It’s in the middle of gay town and it’s a sub shop. The Drag is next door. It’s full of Drag Queens and drunk college kids. It’s no gay ghetto I lived there rent 2500-5000 a month. She talked shit and got her ass whipped and she chose to bring up race. That area is as white as Utah. See comment 84& 85

  • andy0529

    [email protected]NativeNYC: She’s in gay in an area as white was Utah, read 84-87. I call bullshit.

  • Bee Gaga

    @AlliedJ: To your second bullshit comments no one thinks that slavery is exclusive to America or blacks only an idiot with a below high school education would think that. Slavery has existed since the dawn of time and that is nothing new but last time I checked this is America and we’re talking about people here where the effects of such are still very tangible we don’t live in Egypt nor do we live in Kenya or Nigeria or Rome or Greece or Ireland or England or hell even close to us Cuba where slavery also happened we live in America so stick to the program honey, cute try though. Furthermore, that’s your community because I hung out with nothing but black people at my high school and none of us referred to each other or even other people by the n-word so clearly that’s your fault and the people who you choose to associate with sweetie don’t blame that on us. But anyways its nothing new every community has a word that they appropriate for themselves that is insensitive/un-PC for others outside of the community to use I know plenty of gay people to refer to one another as [email protected], women who refer to each other as bitches, jews who refer to each other as JAPS, mexicans who refer to each other as beaner, etc. Now get someone outside of the community to call those people those words and then they’d have a problem that’s nothing new. The real tea is why do you as a white person feel so entitled to say the word and have such a visceral reaction to want to say the word? That’s the true tea!

  • Dionte

    I cared until I read that first tweet.

  • Troy

    As soon as I read this article, I got sick to my stomach, and admired him for not fighting back(or at least I don’t think he fought back). I think it was disgusting that all those people would just stand there and let it happen. That shows you that people hate just to hate. And as for the Establishment that this happened in. Shame on the for letting it go on. They should be held responsible for letting it happen.

    I really felt for him until I saw that tweet. Right now with the Trayvon Martin case going on, and Paula Dean and her brother using the N-word, this just made me not care that he got beat up. If that is what you said in the heat of the moment, it is what is in your heart and soul. Because anyone who would use that word is just as bad as those that attacked you. You showed who you are because a black woman and a Latino woman jumped you. Not a bunch of black people. You just decided that you would associate 2 woman with a derogatory word that is filled with so much pain, just to cause others pain. That is the wrong way to go. And I’m sure you’re going to say, “I’m truly sorry, I didn’t mean to say that word. Some of my best friends are black.” Well if they are, then they need to reevaluate who they call friends. With everything else we have to deal with out in the world, friends like that we don’t need. I have never responded to anything on this site until now, and only because of all the ugliness that was put out on both sides. You being attacked, and then you attacking others by using such a nasty word. I was taught by my mother to accept people for who they are, and not to assume or lump everyone together for what someone else has done. If that were the case, I would hate everyone.

    I feel bad that you were attacked, but what came out of your mouth was just as bad as what they did to you. Just vile on both sides.

  • andy0529

    I think some of you need to read the Washington Blade Mr. Denaro is being charged with a felony, and the so-attackers filed charges against him……no woman of color drives 25 miles away from home to a gay bar in a really gay white neighborhood to attack a drag queen, she doesn’t know from a hole in the ground…..IN DC, it’s not going to happen.

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