Drag Performer Viciously Attacked As Crowd Watches And Encourages Fight

Glum1While customers in a Washington, D.C. restaurant watched, cheered and filmed, drag performer Heidi Glüm sustained multiple injuries during a violent and bloody attack on June 22 which the victim described as “really petty drunk girl nonsense that escalated into insanity.”

Glüm, whose real name is Miles DeNiro, told Queerty that female patrons of Manny & Olgas, a popular D.C. pizzeria, approached him and made derogatory comments about his makeup and shoes.

“The Latino girl was touching my face telling me I needed to blend my makeup while her African-American friend was trying to bully me for wearing Christian Louboutin heels.”

The victim said he has “three large bumps and a huge gash” on his head, as well several cuts on his arms. He also noted that he’s suffered hair loss, which continues “to come out in clumps when I touch it.”

Queerty watched the video on YouTube before it was taken down and replaced with the message “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.” It’s indeed filled with disturbing images and sounds. At the :31 mark in the video, someone can clearly be heard saying “beat her ass” though it’s unknown to whom the order is directed. And after it’s over DeNiro is obviously reeling from pain with blood streaming down his face.

Where was the restaurant staff during the melee? DeNiro told Queerty they remained behind the counter working and ignored the fight. In the video one employee appeared to push his way past the throng of onlookers to carry on with his delivery duties. Equally disturbing is the glee with which the restaurants patrons watched and even encouraged the fight. Some pulled out smart phones to film the fracas and one repeatedly yells “World Star,” a hip-hop-oriented website to which he uploaded the video with the pejorative “tranny” used in the title, rather than trying to break it up. DeNiro said he believes the two men who actually tried to stop the fight rushed in from outside the restaurant.

DeNiro said he didn’t file a police report immediately after the altercation and that he had been “waiting for a video to surface to help support my case. I saw a multitude of phones capturing it while I was being attacked, and only found the video a few hours ago.” He did, however, comment on the fight on his Twitter account with the following tweets: