Uber Driver Fired After Verbally Abusing London Drag Queen

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An unnamed Uber driver has been deactivated by the company after verbally abusing a drag queen during her ride home in the wee hours of morning on Friday night.

Coral DeVille, a London-based queen, was on her way home after her gig at The Two Brewers in London when she ordered an Uber car to pick her up because of poor weather conditions.

“When he first arrived, he failed to find the appropriate pick-up spot for me, so I had to walk down Clapham High St to find the car in the rain,” Coral told SoSoGay, “When I got into the cab, he took one look at me as he sucked his teeth at me, constantly huffed and puffed, then referred to me as a ‘disgusting fag boy pretending to be a woman.’ Mercifully, my cab ride only took approximately seven minutes from Clapham to my flat.”

Coral withstood the abuse and made her way home in the car with the driver, informing him that she would report him to Uber. She also sent out the following tweet and tagged the company’s London-based Twitter account:

The company’s Twitter account followed up several hours later and responded to Coral’s tweet, saying, “@CoralDeVille Hey, please send full details to [email protected] – we’ll be taking this up with the driver.”

Since the incident, Uber has released the following statement at the request of SoSoGay:

[quote]Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination either by our partner drivers or towards our partner drivers. From the moment we learned of this unacceptable incident, we have been in contact with the rider and extended our sincere apologies. The driver concerned has since been deactivated from the Uber platform.”[/quote]

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[h/t – SoSoGay]