Did Parkinson's Treatment Have Unwanted Side Effect?

“Drugs Made Me Gay,” Says French Defense Man

A French man claims his doctor’s drug choices had some queer side-effects:

A French court is set to award substantial damages to a 47-year-old father-of-two with Parkinson’s disease who was ruled to have been turned into a gambler and thief, with compulsive homosexual urges, by the drugs he was being treated with.

Didier Jambart, a French defense ministry employee, has been suing for damages of €400,000 after being prescribed with dopamine agonist drugs in a case that is being closely studied by lawyers representing Parkinson’s sufferers in Britain, the US and Canada. Like Jambart, they claim that they were provided with minimal information about the disturbing side effects, estimated to affect up to 15 per cent of those taking the drugs.

Jambart’s strange symptoms began with nighttime gambling, but he soon ventured into the wild world of online trolling. This reminds us of Andrew Z. Tong’s case against SAC Capital, only more believable.