‘Duff Man’ Is Gay

On last night’s episode of The Simpsons “Homer & Lisa Exchange Cross Words”, Homer starts a business where he handles the nasty part of actually breaking up with someone himself.  Homer’s old roommate Grady (Homer: “The gay guy?” Grady: “That’s not all I am! … Well, that’s a lot of what I am”) calls asking him to do the break-up routine on his boyfriend Julio, because he’s “met someone new, someone much more cool and refreshing”. The camera pans and we see Duff Man step out of the shower, in all his Duffariffic hotness. Don’t worry, Julio takes it pretty well.  You can watch the whole episode at Hulu.

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  • fredo777

    Duff Man is hot.

    Next to Stan from American Dad, he’s one of the top CILFITWR (Cartoons I’d to F*ck If They Were Real) in case it wasn’t obvious. So beefy. So animated.


  • fredo777

    * I’d Like…

  • Dan


  • Paul Raposo

    Let’s not forget that Grady was voiced by Scott Thompson. It’s nice to see a gay man at least playing a gay cartoon character.

  • Steve

    Duffman is hot, but Ned Flanders has got to be the hottest CILFITWR. I’m referring of course to the episode when Homer films Ned in the shower; you will notice that they had to blur-out a lot of scene; it’s blurred-out almost past his knees. ;)

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