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Duke’s College Republicans Oust Their Gay Leader

Is Duke University junior Justin Robinette guilty of abusing his position as chairman of the College Republicans by using funds for personal use? Or did members oust him because he’s a homogay?

The College Republicans say the former; Robinette says the latter.

Carter Boyle, the new chairman of the chapter, said Robinette disrespected members of the board, deliberately ignored members of UNC’s College Republicans, did not attend events and used the organization’s funds for personal use.


“Comments were made directly to me and my executive board before and after the meeting concerning my sexual orientation, calling me a supporter of the faggot center, calling me ironic, calling me disgusting,” said Robinette, who is gay.

[…] Robinette described the reasons held against him as “petty” and said most had occurred prior to his re-election as chairman on March 16. “There’s a defense to mostly all of them,” he said. “Those were mostly dummy reasons.”

Backroom scandal?!

Robinette said the organization’s constitution was amended Wednesday just prior to his impeachment so that a two-thirds vote of the executive board would be sufficient for impeachment rather than the whole body. Following his impeachment, Robinette was asked to resign by 7 p.m. Thursday. “I walked into a contrived meeting at 9 p.m. Sneaky amendments were passed, my comments were cut short and motions were made to move the impeachment forward,” he said.


But members of the executive board said Robinette himself voted in favor of the amendment that changed the procedure for impeachment.

Though you’ve got to love the money quote from Robinette’s replacement Carter Boyle

“He threatened to eliminate us from the board,” Boyle said. “He treated us like second-class people.”

Heh. The non-gays throwing around “second-class.” Loves it.

[Daily Tarheel]

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  • FreddyMertz

    Is he still Republican? The “second class” quote was priceless! lol

  • Jason


  • delurker again

    sounds like the queen was getting too uppity for his own good and the good ol’ boys didn’t like it.

  • Alan

    Because he’s a *what*?

    Queerty, there’s no need to make up words. Especially ones as laughable as that attempt at one.

  • delurker again

    does anyone think the RNC is taking notes on this caper in their efforts to oust Michael Steele?

  • AlwaysGay

    @delurker again: Typical response of a person who believes everything haterosexuals say.

    Justin was impeached because he is gay. The executive director found out he is gay a couples days before he set up the impeachment meeting and told everyone. They changed the rules so only 2/3 of the board can impeach the president instead of the full board because I think the executive director found in the days prior to the impeachment meeting there were a couple board members who didn’t want to oust Justin.

  • Republican

    For starters, if they did in fact use a slur, there is no excuse for doing so, even if he did what they said he did. I don’t care how mad you are. There is no excuse for homophobic language.

    I always find it highly suspicious when people change the rules in the middle of the game like the non-gays did here, so my hunch is that this was based almost entirely on homophobia. Homophobes who don’t want to appear bigoted will often act OK with gays, but then hold gays to a high standard that is impossible to meet and use any failings as justification to remove them from power. Some phobes do this consciously while others don’t realize they are doing it, but the result is the same. Removal of the gay by any mean necessary.

    While Justin may not have been perfect (no one is), his real “offense” was probably more along the lines of upsetting some phobes by refusing to avoid talking about gay issues and the republican party. Talking about such issues is oppression in their crazy minds.

  • Jaroslaw

    Well, I don’t know what a homogay is, and I noticed there was much in the article or the postings about whether or not money misuse was an issue…but he’s cute as can be, I’ll console him!

  • The Bony Man

    I have to agree with several other posters here. I find the word “homogay” not only the most contrived phrase I have heard in years (it’s self-redundant), but it makes the otherwise important story sound completely silly. Please stop with the made up words. Seriously.

  • Michael

    Hey, any homosexual who is a Republican deserves to be labeled a ‘fagot’. When you put your wallet ahead of your rights then you can be left to drown when your political affiliation finally cements your feet and drops you into a lake.

  • Michael

    btw, WTF did this guy expect from the GOP???

  • Peter

    Where’s GOProud and Log Cabin on this one? Better this guy learned young that republicans really hate gays.

  • John

    Serves you right for associating with the bigoted Right – what did you expect? I assume you will now focus on fighting for Queer Rights and not upholding Conservatism, the route of evil that discriminates against you and your people.

  • Baxter

    Most college republicans that I’ve met have privately been in favor of gay rights, but feel the need to toe the party line in public.

  • Baxter

    @John: Because clearly someone who wants lower taxes and smaller government must be against gay rights, even though those ideas have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The fact is that there are a large number of homophobes on both the left and the right and that it’s usually more a matter of education and socioeconomic status than it is party affiliation.

  • jj smith

    @Baxter: Eh, the “both sides” flase equivalency bullshit is getting really tired. These people predominate on the right–hell the Republicans today are even resurrecting the old Confederacy!

  • GaryG

    Really, what do you expect from a Republican?

  • hf2hvit

    When you sleep with bigots…

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    I think now is as good a time as any for this story:

    A little girl was walking down the road one day and saw a snake. The snake said it was injured and needed assistance to get down the road and pleaded with the little girl to help. He claimed he was a good snake and went on about how they get bad press and so forth.

    The little girl gave in and picked up the snake and put it in her pocket. Within a few seconds the little girl felt a sharp pain in her side and screamed out in agony whey she realized the snake had bit her.

    She flung the snake from her pocket and threw it on the ground. She asked the snake why did you do that. The snake replied, “what the hell are you screaming about. You knew what I was when you picked me up”.

    Beware young gay men and women who are looking for acceptance and guidance in politics. There are snakes aplenty out there and not all of them are strait. But wait a minute. After thinking about it what snake is strait?

    I think it fits here.

  • Mike

    When Qweerty uses words like homogay, it sounds really self-loathing. Change your ways, Qweerty.

    Robinette is one very naive individual. A good thing he’s hot too.

  • delurker again

    I think “homogay” is just queerty trying to be too cute by a half and failing miserably as usual.

  • erick70115

    @delurker again: was it just a pseudo word that was floating around at the office and they thought this would be a good story to drop it into? silliness

  • jeffree

    The painful moral of the story is: the Duke U College Republicans don’t want a gay man as their leader. Try as they might, the deep south cannot accept a gay man as a role model, because he is a
    “abomination” and thus can not be trusted. Even in a “liberal” college town the homophobes can be counted on to show their true hatered of gay men & women.

    Lesson: Get in bed near a spider’s nest
    and dont think you “won’t get bit!”
    (That’s southern speak, in case u were wondering!)

  • Harvard Student

    It’s true, Jeff Kwong came out while he was president of the Harvard Republicans. I think the student group realized they couldn’t remove him from office over it without getting some really bad press, so they worked around him until his term was up.

    And there’s a reason Kwong went into teaching instead of straight into the bosom of one of the well-funded conservative think tanks or journals that are willing to take pretty much any breathing Harvard student who is conservative. Hint, it isn’t his choice of hairstyle.

  • hf2hvit


  • oldgayvermonter

    Hold the press…this dude is running for Class of 2011 President. The voting is today (4/20) so he may have a better position. Results to follow – try not to kick him if he’s down.

  • Jaroslaw

    I read the article, oldgay Vermonter – it said 22 people testified and the body deliberated 10 hours to find Mr. Robinette not to be discriminated against.

    What I want to know now is how many people (of the 22) testified for and how many against?

    Seems like a LOT of people. And 10 hour deliberation to me anyway, means it was hardly clearcut either way. We’ll never know apparently. And still no mention of whether or not JR misused funds…. And if there was nothing wrong, from his point of view, why did he resign?

  • ossurworld

    Does this qualify as college hazing?

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