Dutch Foreign Minister Calls Out Pope For Attacking Gays On Christmas

Par3176910After the Pope called marriage-equality efforts around the world a threat to the human race, Holland’s foreign affairs minister slammed the Pontiff for not respecting individual rights.

Frans Timmermans dinged Benedict XVI for his verbal diarrhea: “If every person is unique—as the Pope’s representative said in Dublin last week—then why should that unique person not have the right to stand up for their own sexual orientation?” he said to RTL Nederland “Why can Romeo marry Juliet but not Julius? [Accepting] marriage between two people of the same sex is having respect for the uniqueness of the individual.”

The Pope’s comments came just a week after his controversial World Day of Peace message stating that gay marriage was the downfall of society and an editorial by the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper claimed the fight for marriage equality was the pursuit of an “unattainable utopia.”

Reaction against the Vatican’s homophobic remarks has been fierce in the Netherlands, the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage: According to Gay Star News, advocacy groups are asking Timmermans to petition the UN to drop the Vatican’s special status within the august body. And the Dutch Facebook group “No Flowers for The Pope” is petitioning the government to stop sending flowers to Rome for Easter, as it does every year.

Source: Gay Star News

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