DVD: “Ghostbusters,” “Seed Money,” “Carrie,” & More!


Big budget Hollywood remakes, a re-release for a horror classic, and a documentary on a gay porn mogul make up the week’s home entertainment highlights!

A quartet of funny ladies head up the rebooted Ghostbusters, while Brian De Palma’s iconic Carrie gets a stunning 2-disc re-release, and the story of legendary gay porn company Falcon and its progressive founder receive the spotlight in documentary Seed Money.

Now for the trailers, details, and your comments!



($45.99 4K&3D Blu-ray, $34.99 Blu-ray, $30.99 DVD; Sony)

Director Paul Feig’s reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise sees Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy saddle up with proton packs as a wave of ghosts and other scary critters rampage across NYC. Chris Hemsworth plays the ladies’ hot and dumb secretary/assistant, but the women really do rule here, especially our sister McKinnon, as the resident gadget expert. Screw the misogynist nerds that took issue with a female Ghostbuster squad and Tweeted hate at the film and, especially and cruelly, Jones – while the script is admittedly on the weak side, these ladies are who we’re gonna call. The 3D, by the way, is awesome! The wealth of xxtras include gag reels, deleted scenes, commentaries, alternate takes and improv, and featurettes.




($24.93 Blu-ray; Shout! Factory)

Director Brian De Palma’s 1976 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a teenage girl blessed/cursed with deadly psychic abilities is iconic to both gays and straights alike for its themes of feeling like an outcast and vengeance-on-bullies, plus imagery that is the stuff of horror and campy tribute alike. Shout! Factory’s new 40 Year Anniversary collector’s edition entails a new 4K transfer and tons of extras including brand new interviews with the stars and makers, vintage interviews with Sissy Spacek and others, plus a new featurette on the film’s locations, look at the Carrie musical, and loads more. A must for Halloween!!



Seed Money

($21.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Chuck Holmes was the founder of groundbreaking, high-end gay porn production house Falcon Studios. While facing a society and laws hostile to “smut,” he made a fortune, mingled with high society, and began to pursue a progressive political life, socializing with the likes of Al Gore and driving LGBT organizations, yet facing discrimination himself from those who deemed him as nothing more than a pornmonger. Described as “gay culture’s Gatsby,” his tale is shared in this superb documentary, featuring loads of archival Falcon material, and interviews with the likes of John Waters and Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears. Extras include more interviews.




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