DVD: “Nightcrawler,” “Boys,” “Lilting,” & More!

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an unscrupulous news cameraman in the thriller Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal creeps in Nightcrawler (above), Dutch teens get gay in Boys, and Ben Whishaw mourns his boyfriend’s passing in Lilting, which numerate this week’s home entertainment highlights!

Now for the details and trailers!



($24.95 DVD; Wolfe)

A big title on the LGBT film festival circuit, this Dutch import (original title Jongens) sees a sporty 15-year-old, Sieger, fall for another boy on his relay racing team, Marc. Ahh, first love!



($27.99 DVD; Strand)

Ben Whishaw, aka Q in the James Bond films, plays a gay man who attempts to befriend the Chinese-Cambodian mother — who doesn’t speak English — of his recently deceased boyfriend, Kai, who never explained the nature of their relationship to her. The feature debut of Cambodian-British writer/director Hong Khaou, this elegant, cross-cultural chamber drama is moving stuff indeed.



($34.98 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Universal)

In Bourne screenwriter Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut, a creepy, thinned down Jake Gyllenhaal plays a Los Angeles fringe dweller who enters the world of “nightcrawling”: trolling for accidents and crime scenes to shoot footage of and sell. Gripping, Oscar-worthy (albeit snubbed) stuff! Extras include a commentary and 5-minute making-of.





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