DVD: “Snow White And The Huntsman,” “Absolutely Fabulous,” “Titanic 3D,” And More!

Snow White and The Huntsman
($34.98 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD, Universal)

Sorry Julia Roberts, but you done starred in the wrong Snow White movie:  Charlize Theron rules the screen as the narcissistic, evil queen in this latest storybook-to-movie adaptation. Putting aside the quandary of where that Hollywood trend even came from, SWATH sees huntsman Chris Hemsworth and seven dwarves (all played by awesome British actors you know) come to the aid of Kristen Stewart’s Bella, sorry, Snow White. Yeah, we know, we’d leave her to her own devices, too. The Blu-Ray includes a 131-minute extended cut, commentaries, and behind the scenes featurettes.