max mutchnick

“Dykes On Bikes, Tarzana Trannies … should no longer be representing ‘the pride'”

SOUNDBITES — “Dykes on bikes, Tarzana Trannies, Jewish Leather Daddies and Kathy Griffin‘s mom. Don’t get me wrong. I love these people. Let’s call them the ‘Usual Suspects.’ They fought for my rights and taught me how to dance. But they should no longer be representing “the pride.” It’s a different time. For god’s sake, Larry Craig is a life-long homosexual. What I’m trying to say is that “unremarkable” mainstream people are gay, too. So I cringe when a local newsperson shoves a microphone in the face of some young 95-pound twink (Straight Translation: a twink is a skinny homosexual with a lot of moxie). The twink looks into the camera and screams into the reporter’s microphone: ‘Get down here now. The drinks are big. But you know what’s bigger…’ He laughs in a high-pitched cackle and his “girlfriends” join in. I wish they’d read more and drink less. I’m depressed. Why is this the voice speaking for me?” —Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick on the state of gay pride [HP]