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Dyson Kilodavis, 5, Loves Wearing Princess Costumes. His Mom + Dad Are Totally On Board

Meet the Kilodavis family. They have no problem with Dyson, 5, dressing up in girls’ clothing and jewelry. He particularly likes princess outfits. Dyson’s mom Cheryl wrote a book about her son, titled My Princess Boy. It’s now used in Dyson’s school as an anti-bullying measure.

In a brutally honest television interview, Cheryl (and dad Dean) talks about what happened when she first saw Dyson dressing in girls’ clothes, and how she went from frustration and denial to acceptance and embrace. These are the messages parents need to receive, not those of jerks.

Just be sure you wait until the end, when Dyson’s brother Dkobe speaks. It breaks your heart.