Ed Koch Still Perfectly Happy to Live In the Closet (With the Light Turned On)


New York City’s biggest wink-and-nod closeted homosexual — besides Anderson Cooper — is Ed Koch. That the former city mayor walks with a lighter step is accepted fact among politicos, the media, and most denizens of the Big Apple. But he won’t go on record to acknowledge as much, which makes for an interesting means of profiling the guy.

Which the New York Times just did in yesterday’s paper. Without much of a reason to point out Koch’s sexual proclivities, the Times‘ Sam Roberts describes him as “a lifelong bachelor” who “declines to say whether he is gay.”

Says Koch (pictured here at a screening of, ahem, Milk): “I do not want to add to the acceptability of asking every candidate, ‘Are you straight or gay or lesbian?’ and make it a legitimate question, so I don’t submit to that question. I don’t care if people think I’m gay because I don’t answer it. I’m flattered that at 84 people are interested in my sex life — and, it’s quite limited.”

And I agree: Though we’re free to speculate until James Dobson flies or Fred Phelps freezes over, a person’s sex life is his own business, even if everyone is already 99.99999999998 percent certain of the truth. That is, of course, until you start legislating away our civil rights, and then we’ll start combing through your past with pink triangles.

The mayor’s preference not to talk about his sex life, of course, is nothing new. Here’s Koch in a 2007 interview with Time Out New York:

Time Out: Are you gay?

EK: When was the last time you performed oral sex on your boyfriend?

Time Out: Well I’m single now so it was a long time ago.

EK: See, I do’t think you should answer that question. It’s an improper question, and so is yours. My sexual orientation is none of your business and whether or not you performed oral sex on your boyfriend is none of my business.