Eff MySpace


Even if you’re only a casual observer of all things MySpace, you’ve probably come across a few news articles about the social networking realm. Friendster is passe, MySpace is the shit, and a whole new crop of competitors, like TagWorld, are gaining momentum as the next “It” social site. And while all of these sites seem to be overpopulated with hipsters, the gays have taken to ’em from high school age to professionals. Who needs Gay.com anymore when MySpace can link all your previous partners, help you find news ones, and let you blog about it at the same time?

While MySpace might sometimes seem like a homo haven (especially if you only click the profile links of young gay men), there are others betting it’s not being all things to all gays. Enter EffinHot.com, a social networking service aimed specifically at gay men (and, we’re guessing, the younger set). As the name might suggest, EffinHot is all about showing off.

Nothing about the new contender seems to rival MySpace’s hoard of features, however. You can upload photos, add friends to your profile, list an item in the classifieds, and publish your own blog on both sites. You can customize your EH profile page with the same means as MySpace. Meanwhile, EH seems to suffer the slow speeds of Friendster: an immediate turn off.

All that said, the site seems to be in its baby phase. Its forums only have a total of 100 posts, though its photo gallery is already chock full of 20-somethings showing off. We’re willing to revisit in a few months. Until then, you can find us, and your mother probably, on MySpace.