eHarmony Decides to Play Matchmaker to Gay Couples

A settlement has been reached in the case of Eric McKinley, a gay man from New Jersey, who filed a discrimination suit against eHarmony Inc. when the site refused to accept his same-sex personal ad and the online dating site has agreed to accept gay couples. Beginning in 2009, gays and lesbians can join all the desperate straight folk hoping that the site’s patented “love of your life” algorithms will find them the man or woman of their homosexual dreams.

Neil Clark Warren, founder and owner of the site had previously come up with all sorts of fun excuses to exclude gay singles, the most popular being that the site was focused on finding a partner for life, but since most states didn’t allow gay marriage, there was no point., a rival site, poked fun of eHarmony with ads featuring gay guys who were rejected from the site. The terms of the settlement relieves Warren of any personal responsibility and gives the company til March 31st of next year to start accepting gay applicants.

The question remains: Who wants to get hitched via homophobic matchmaker?

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