PHOTOS: The Eiffel Tower Totes Went Gay For Nelson Mandela


Photo: @ThyHee

PHOTOS: In celebration of Bastille Day on Sunday, the Eiffel Tower was aglow in rainbow, which many interpreted as an homage to the recently-passed marriage equality law. Not so, says Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë, who told the French blog Yagg that the rainbow was a tribute to Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa — known as the “rainbow nation.”

Mandela, who turns 95 on Thursday, has spent the last five weeks in the hospital for a lung infection, though he is reportedly improving.

The light show did come with a message of equality, however, with voiceovers noting that “every human being is a shade of this rainbow palette.” That didn’t sit too well with France’s gay marriage opponents, some of whom called for the resignation of President François Hollande. And somewhere, some shirtless French boys got so mad they probably started making out with each other.

You know, out of righteous indignation and whatever.


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h/t: Huff Po